The unexpected summer

When 19 year old, Mandy goes on a summer holiday with two of her best friends, Eve and Tahlia, she doesn't expect to meet her celebrity crush. Will he love her back? Will this just be a summer romance or was it meant to be?


3. Chapter 3

Zayn and Harry went to go start the barbeque, whistle Eve and Liam were flirting with each other and so were Tahlia and Louis. Meanwhile the sun was starting to set and the sky was lit up with shades of orange and pink.

"Mandy?" Niall asked. "Yes?" i said. "Well i don't know how to say this but... you're very, very beautiful and in this small amount of time we have had together I just want to be with you and i was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" He asked with a shy smile. OMG!!! Niall Horan from One Direction just asked me to be his girlfriend!!! Inside I am completely fangirling but I'm not letting it show. "Of course!!" I said. he was so damn hot and really sweet. I have fallen completely head over heels for this guy tonight!

As the sun was half over the horizon and the sky was lit up with amazing colours of a sunset Niall leaned in to me and passionately kissed me. It felt like it was just meant to be, and i never wanted our lips to part but they did when Harry screamed "Hey! Love birds! Get out of the water dinners ready!" Ughh... way to ruin a perfect moment harry! "Ok! we're coming!!" Niall yelled.

As we were getting out of the water Niall turned around to me and said, "We can continue that later" Then he winked and ran up to grab some food. When he spoke it made my heart melt.



Hey, sorry this chapter is a bit short! Will update tomorrow! Like, comment and favorite! xx

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