The unexpected summer

When 19 year old, Mandy goes on a summer holiday with two of her best friends, Eve and Tahlia, she doesn't expect to meet her celebrity crush. Will he love her back? Will this just be a summer romance or was it meant to be?


2. Chapter 2

It was a long plane ride to get to Fiji but it was definitely worth it! We just stepped out of the airport to catch a taxi to our mansion and the heat of the tropical sun just hit us. "Wow! this place is gorgeous! Mandy I can't believe you have a house here!" said Eve. "Is it always this hot?" asked Tahlia. "Come on guys the taxi is waiting" I said impatiently, I just can't wait to get to my house! 

When we pulled up to the mansion, i turned around to see Eve and Tahlia's faces and I couldn't hold in my laughter! Their faces were a mixture of shock, excitement and jealousy. "Your faces are priceless!!" I said between laughing.

I paid the taxi driver and we went inside my house. I gave the girls a tour. I must admit the house is pretty large! The girls went to unpack and change into their bikinis because we are going swimming. I'm already changed and I was standing on my porch in shock when i saw who was swimming in the sea in front of my house.

I'm not sure how long i was staring at them, it was one direction! i was mesmerized by their looks but i was taken out of my daze when Eve and Tahlia were standing there too. I made sure i looked perfect before i started making my way down to the water where my celeb crushes were playing in the water.

"Hey, how did you find us?!" i heard Liam ask me as I was making my way into the nice warm tropical water. I turned around to face him and said "That's my house" pointing to my mansion. His jaw dropped. "That place is like three time bigger than our place!" said Niall. "You're welcome to come and stay with me and my two friends their if you want? There are six spare bedrooms" I said with a flirtatious smile. Yeah I'm a bit of a flirt! But come on, who wouldn't want to flirt with One Direction! "Hi I'm Mandy by the way" I mentioned shaking all of their hands.

It was about 5:00pm and I was still talking to the boys and Eve and Tahlia, who hate one direction, were tanning. "So do you girls want to come over to our house for a barbeque?" asked Harry. "I'm coming!" said eve and Tahlia. I was shocked! I thought they hated one direction! Niall came up to me and snaked his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear "Coming babe?" I turned to him and smiled "Of course."

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