When Lilliy first turned 13 her life was flipped in the wrong direction. Pear-pressure was being forced on her to do the wrong things. By the time she was 14 she was an alchoholic and was on pot. The worst is yet to come when her 15th birthday comes around. Read more in Pear-Pressure about Lilliy and her life threating moments of reality.


1. Tuesday, May 6 2012

So its another night sitting on the curb again. My hearts still on the ground from the last man that left me here alone last night. I pushed my auburn hair away from my face ad breathed in the smoky air.

"Doesn't it smell good beautiful," a boy about my age sits next to me on the curb, "inhale it while it lasts..." I smile and relax back on my elbows. I laugh and light a smoke. The boy looks at me and smiles, "One night honey?" he laughs.

"I'm not a whore dumbass." I smash my ciggarrette on the gravel and stand up in my high heels. I start to walk down the street when I heard the boy catch up to me.

"Come on baby..." he whispers. I walk faster down the street to my house. I'm from the projects in Nebraska, I hear people like this all the time. All people want here are sex, and drugs, but hey I don't doubt them they're both relieving.



That night was the worst night, not in my life, but in my week. That was two days ago on sunday worst day. But I get it a lot, hell why wouldn't they want a beautiful girl who should be a prostitute anyways for a little action. I'm Lilliy, but people at school call me 'Pure' because I'm not. Everyone knows who I am, the whore, the drug addict, the depressed one, the corner girl, you say I'm called it. Its not easy being Lilliy Killosti, I was bullied when I turned 13. My 'friends' started Pear-Pressuring me into things I knew not to do. But my parents did it, so... I did. Sex-13 years old, Drugs- 13 years old, Drug Seller- 14 years old. You want me to do it?, I did it. I try not to remember those times, even though I'm still like this today. I really don't like to admit, considering I'm telling you now.

I rushed down the stairs, it was my first day of school, although its been 1 week since school started. I tried to pull up my black shorts and band-T, I puffed up my hair in a pony-tail. When I finally got a ride to school it was probably the most awkward thing ever.

"So where ya goin?" the man asked.

I swallowed hard and tried to keep a smiling face, pretty, I remember, be pretty to get your way, "I need to go to school." I say.

"How old are ya?" He asks another question.

"15 years old." I say. For the rest of the ride to Norwood High School in Nebraska the strange man who said his name was 'Jimmy Piraglo' asked me questions. When we got to the school I rushed out but before I could he put his hand on my thigh and squeezed it. I turned and smacked his hand. He kissed me before I got out too. I let what he wanted to do and I did what I wanted to do too. I took his wallet. My fake smile came across my face when he let me out and I waved.

"Dumbass." I whisper.


After school was pretty easy, I looked through the mans wallet who had 2,000 dollars in cash and who the hell knows in credit. I took a buss to the mall and got more clothes, of course I did see the attention seekers at the mall, and when they saw me they sure weren't pleased, "Whore" they coughed, "Skank" they whispered, I just walked by not hearing it. I can't stand the girls these days.

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