Dating One Direction

Dating One Direction; All five members of One Direction are head over heels for Kim who is looking for love again after a tragic loss of her fiance. They each agreed to go on a date with Kim and see who she will fall in love with. As they each take a turn to date Kim, she finds herself falling in love with ALL five of them. Someone will disagree and get hurt, someone will cry, someone will be scarred by hurtful words, someone's heart will he shattered, and someone will win.... who will she choose? Is it gonna be Zayn? Liam? Niall? Harry? Or Louis? Will this decision that Kim makes tore the group apart or will they all still remain friends at the end? Read on and find out who got the heart of Kim's.


2. 1.2

Harry: *walking in the sand* So what do you like about LA? 

Kim: Well I'm not originally from here, but I did move here like late last year. 

Harry: Yeah? Was it because of... 

Kim: No, it wasn't, I'm actually here for college. 

Harry: Really? What college? *walks off first* 

Kim: *looks at harry walk* UC. 

Harry: Nice, how are you liking it? 

Kim: Uh, you know it's pretty *jumps onto harry's footprints* 

Harry: *looks back* What are you doing? *chuckles* 

Kim: *catches up to harry* I was following into your steps. *smiles* 

Harry: *smiles big* You're really cute you know that. 

Kim: *smiles* Well so are you Harry. 

Harry: *grabs kims hand and smiles at her* 

Kim: *smiles shy and then looks to the sand* 

Harry: No, don't look away from me. 

Kim: *looks at harry* What? 

Harry: I don't ever want you to look away from me, not even for a second. 

Kim: *gives harry a serious look* 

Harry: *grabs kims waist and pulls her close and kisses her* 

Kim: *kisses harry back* 

Harry: *stops kissing kim and looks into her eyes* 

Kim: I haven't been kissed like that in so long. 

Harry: *kisses kim again* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *in the water with harry* 

Harry: *has his arms around kim* 

Kim: *turns and faces harry then kisses him* 

Harry: *purposely falls back* 

Kim: *falls on top of harry* 

Harry: *about to kiss kim* 

Kim: *gets up* It's getting late, we should get going now. 

Harry: Ok. *sits up* 

Kim: Race you to the car. *runs off* 

Harry: *runs after kim and lifts her up from behind and runs carrying her* 

Kim: *gets out of the car*  

Harry: *gets out of the car and leans against it* 

Kim: I had a great time with you today Harry. *smiles* 

Harry: *smiles* I had an awesome time with you. 

Kim: *chuckles softly* I hope to hang out with you some more in the future. 

Harry: Oh you will, trust me. *smiles* 

Kim: *laughs loud*  

Harry: Shhh, they'll hear you from inside. 

Kim: *tries not to laugh loud* Sorry. 

Harry: *quickly kisses her* 

Kim: *kind of pushes away* Harry. *chuckles* 

Harry: I'm sorry. 

Kim: *puts her hands on harrys cheeks and kisses him* I'll call or text you sometimes. *smiles* 

Harry: Ok. *smiles* Goodnight Kim. 

Kim: Goodnight Harry. 

Harry: I love you. 

Kim: *chuckles* I can't tell you that yet, sorry. 

Harry: *serious* But I wasn't kidding, I do love you Kim. 

Kim: *sad/serious* I still have four other guys to get to before I get back to you Harry. I'll put that "I love you" on hold for now if I was you. 

Harry: Why? You don't even have to date them, you can just choose me. *grabs kims hand* Kim, I'm the one for you.  

Kim: *moves her hand* I don't know yet Harry, we just met, but it feels like I known you for so long already. 

Harry: *starting to get mad/hurt* I'm gonna say this once more time... I'm the one for you. If you just select me right now, you won't regret it, I can promise you that. 

Kim: I don't want to select you or anyone... I want to choose someone. 

Harry: Then choose me! 

Kim: Goodnight Harry. *walks to the drivers side* 

Harry: *looks at kim* 

Kim: Goodnight. *gets in the car and starts the engine* 

Harry: *walks to the house* 

Kim: *takes off* 

Niall: How was it? 

Harry: Um, it was fun, lots of fun, we did a lot of walking and talking and then we both enjoyed the water together. 

Liam: Seems like it was fun? 

Harry: *kinda upset* Yeah it was. 

Louis: What'd you two do? 

Harry: We just talked and that was pretty much it.  

Louis: That's it? 

Harry: *smiles softly* And we kissed. 

Louis: Ha! I knew there had to be a kiss somewhere in there. 

Harry: Yeah. *smiling* 

Louis: So is she a good kisser? 

Harry: She's a great one. 

Louis: I can't wait. 

Harry: Yeah, but she's already choosing me. 

Louis: *chuckles upset and leaves* 

Kim: *calls harry* 

Harry: Hello. 

Kim: Hey. 

Harry: Oh hey Kim. 

Kim: I'm very sorry about earlier. 

Harry: No, it's ok. *gets up and closes his door* What's wrong? 

Kim: *laying on her bed* I just can't stop thinking about what we shared today at the beach. *smiles* 

Harry: *sits on his bed* Really? You mean you liked that? 

Kim: Yeah, I did that's why I can't wait until we see eachother and get to go on another date. 

Harry: We can go again tomorrow? 

Kim: Harry, I still have four other band mates to get through. Today was supposed to be Zayn, but I canceled it and took the date with you. Yeah we could have been closer to getting back, but then we wouldn't have shared the feelings. 

Harry: *sighs* Yeah, I know. 

Kim: Are you still upset? 

Harry: Kim, I really meant it when I said I love you. I know we just met, but like you said. I feel like I known you for so long already. I felt the sparks, didn't you? 

Kim: *smiles sad* Yeah, I did too Harry. 

Harry: I'm not telling you to choose me at the end, but I'm just telling you that if you choose me, you won't regret it. 

Kim: *sighs* I don't know Harry, I'm in love with you yes, but I just feel that I'm not all the way there. It's almost, but it's not. 

Harry: Yeah, I know what you mean. 

Kim: But anyways my girls coming over tomorrow, I have to get some sleep because we have a long day tomorrow together at school. 

Harry: Your girl? You have daughter? 

Kim: *chuckles* No my girlfriend. 

Harry: Oh, you're bi? 

Kim: *laughs* 

Harry: What? 

Kim: See this is why I love talking and being with you. You make me happy and you can make me laugh. 

Harry: Then what are you waiting for? 

Kim: Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis to get through. 

Harry: *takes a big deep breath* Ok, well I'll let you get some sleep. 

Kim: Ok. 

Harry: Goodnight babe. 

Kim: *smiles* Goodnight Harry. *hangs up* 

Harry: *tosses his phone and lays on the bed and sighs* 

Kim: *turns off her lights and goes to bed* 

(The Next Day) 

Kelly: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: Coming! *walks down the stairs and opens the door* 

Kelly: *smiles* Hey are you ready? 

Kim: Yeah, just let me grab my bag. *goes and grabs her bag* Let's go. 

Kelly: What's wrong with you? 

Kim: I had a great time with someone last night Kelly. 

Kelly: Who? Tell me, I want to know, was it a guy? 

Kim: Yeah, it was actually. 

Kelly: Aw Kim, I'm glad you're seeing someone again; it's been three years since you been single. 

Kim: Kelly, it's not someone. 

Kelly: Who else are you seeing? 

Kim: I'm seeing One Direction. 

Kelly: *laughs* What? No way. 

Kim: Yeah, I am Kelly. I'm going on dates with them, I met them on Saturday at the mall randomly, then later that night Harry and I went to eat dinner together and we got mobbed by fans and paparazzi's, so Sunday, last night we went together to the beach to continue our date and... it was amazing Kelly. I haven't had that much fun in so long. 

Kelly: Wait, so you went on a date with Harry? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Kelly: I don't believe it. 

Kim: I'm supposed to be going on a date with Zayn next, but he hasn't called, so I don't know when I'm supposed to go on a date with him. 

Kelly: Well hook me up girlfriend. 

Kim: I can't, it's me they wanted to date, not you. 

Kelly: That's fine, I'll support you. Why who do you like so far? 

Kim: That's my point Kelly, Harry's already telling me to choose him and not just that, but he's already told me that he loves me. 

Kelly: Wow that is really crazy. Kim, they're best friends! And if you keep doing this, who knows what's gonna happen to them and their friendship or the band. 

Kim: It's not my fault they targeted at me and wanted to do this. I wasn't planning it, I just went with it. 

Kelly: *parks and gets out the car* Well, just do what's best for you. I'm here and I'll help you talk it through ok. 

Kim: *gets out the car* Thank you... *sees harry* 

Harry: *holding flowers in his arms* 

Kim: Oh my gosh Kelly. 

Kelly: What? *looks and sees harry* Oh my... Kim! 

Kim: *runs and kisses harry* What are you doing here? 

Harry: I couldn't stop thinking about you last night. 

Kim: Really? Me neither. *kisses harrya again* 

Harry: These are for you. *hands the flowers to kim* 

Kim: *accepts the flowers* You didn't have to buy me flowers. 

Fans: Harry! 

Harry: Uh hi. *smiles* 

Fans: We love you Harry! Take a picture with us! *starts to mob harry* 

Harry: I'm gonna go before I get stuck here. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Ok. 

Harry: *runs for his car* 

Fan 1: Harry gave you those flowers! 

Kim: Yeah he did. 

Fan 1: I hate you! 

Kim: Why? 

Fan 1: You two aren't dating right? 

Kim: We went on a couple of dates, but doesn't mean we're dating. 

Fan 1: I hate you so much right now! I want to be with Harry! 

Kim: Well you still have a chance because we're not official. *walks off* 

Kelly: *walks up to kim* Wow, that was crazy, did that happen Saturday night? *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah! It was crazy Kelly! 

Kelly: He brought you flowers; that was really sweet. 

Kim: He's a nice guy Kelly. 

Kelly: Yeah, I can see that. 

Kim: Ok well, I have to get to class; I'll see you in an hour and a half. 

Kelly: Ok, you too. 

Kim: *walks off* 

Kelly: *walks off the other direction* 

Katie: Who bought you flowers? 

Kim: Believe it or not, Harry Styles from One Direction did. 

Katie: Harry Styles? No way is he into you. 

Kim: Matter of fact, he is. 

Katie: *laughs* Keep dreaming. 

Kim: *gets serious* No, you just keep talking and I'll prove you wrong. 

Katie: I want to see that happen. 

Alex: Hey Kim, did you know you're on the front cover of US Weekly.  

Kim: What?! 

Katie: *shocked* 

Kim: Let me see... 

Katie: Give it to me! *snatches the magazine* Harry Styles with a mystery women at a romantic getaway. *looks at kim pissed* 

Kim: Seems like I proved my point. *grabs her flowers and leaves the classroom* 

Katie: *goes after kim* Hey! 

Kim: What! 

Katie: Just because you two were together doesn't mean you think you're the shit! 

Kim: Oh I nevered said I was the shit! *walks off and calls Kelly* 

Kelly: *phone beeps/leaves class* Kim, aren't you in class, why are you calling me? 

Kim: Get out, I need a ride home. 

Kelly: What's wrong? 

Kim: Just get out of class! 

Kelly: Ok. *grabs her stuff and runs out of class* Hey! 

Kim: Bout time. 

Kelly: What happened? 

Kim: Did you know I'm on the front cover of US Magazine. 

Kelly: Really? 

Kim: Yeah, Alex showed me. 

Kelly: Who? 

Kim: A classmate. 

Kelly: So that's why you're upset.  

Kim: Kind of, now people are gonna know me and start stalking me and who knows wants to kill me?! 

Kelly: I'm sure they'll be supportive. 

Kim: Kelly, you don't get it. Harry and I aren't together. 

Kelly: Yeah, I know, but I guess now you have no choice really? *smiles* 

Kim: Shut up! This isn't funny! 

Kelly: Sorry. 

Kim: Take me home will you. 

Kelly: Yeah. 

Kim: *walks to the car* 

Zayn: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Zayn: Hi Kim, it's Zayn here. 

Kim: Shoot! I keep forgetting to save your number, hold on. *saves zayns number* Ok, yeah? 

Zayn: Are you busy today? 

Kim: Am I busy today? Have you not seen US Magazine, you really think I want to see you guys still after that. 

Zayn: I'll be ok, we'll tell them at the end. 

Kim: *sighs* I guess I'm not doing anything today or night. I'm on my way home from school. 

Zayn: Can I come over? 

Kim: My friends over, but if you want to hang out with us, you can come over. I'm sure she doesn't mind. 

Zayn: Um, I really wanted it to be just us tonight. 

Kim: Well we can have all night together, just... I really need my friend here with me right now. 

Zayn: Ok, then just call me when she leaves. 

Kim: Ok, bye. 

Zayn: Bye. 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Kelly: Well? 

Kim: He's coming over tonight, but I'll make sure you met him before you leave. 

Kelly: Ok. *smiles* 

Kim: C'mon, let's go shopping. 

Kelly: *driving* 

Kim: You know like I don't understand why... 

Fan 2: *running up to kim* Can I have your autograph.  

Kim: *looks at Kelly* 

Kelly: *smiles confused* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Yeah of course you can. *signs her autograph* 

Fan 2: Thank you! *leaves* 

Kim: Let's leave now. 

Kelly: Why? You don't want this attention? 

Kim: No. 

Kelly: Ok. 

Niall: Hey are you doing anything tonight? 

Zayn: Yeah, I'm gonna meet up with Kim at her place why? 

Niall: Oh, it's ok, I'll ask Liam. 

Zayn: Why? 

Niall: I just wanted to know if you wanted to go eat. 

Zayn: Oh no, I'm not hungry. 

Niall: Ok. *leaves*

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