Fallen Brothers

Nathan was going to die until he was saved by the mysterious Novah. Novah saves Nathan by making them alike. You see, Novah is not like you and I. He is a fallen star or an Astral to be specific. He is not the only one either. When Nathan starts displaying powers similar to an Astral, Novah must bring him to the other Astral's and find out what exactly he has created. Could Nathan be the first ever human/star hybrid? What lengths will some people go to to get their hands on Nathan's powers? Most importantly, will Nathan choose the good side or will evil take him over? ©MindlessMatter


3. What I Am

“Mum! I’m home.” Nathan called out, sliding the door shut behind him. He had left Novah behind with the promise to meet back up with him he next time he could manage it. The flat was quiet, more quiet than usual. It was four in the afternoon and usually at this time his mother would be on the phone yelling or on the sofa with some stranger. She must still be in her room. He tiptoed over to her door and opened it a crack. He couldn't hear her so he opened the door the rest of the way. The bed sheets were creased up and dirty, all of the pillows were thrown across the room. The door to her ensuite was open just a crack but it smelt awful. He held his nose and peeped inside. He almost got sick when he saw. He ran out to the kitchen and grabbed his mother’s mobile and tapped in the number for emergency services.

“Hello operator? I think my mother may be dead…” Nathan said stunned.


He didn't know how long he had been sitting in the hospital waiting room for. It felt like weeks. No Doctors had come to see him since he arrived in the ambulance with his barely breathing mother. He sat all alone twisting his fingers nervously and trying not to cry. He didn't cry when his parents divorced so he wouldn't cry now.

“Nathan? There he is!” His father rushed over to him and hugged him tightly. Nathan didn't return the hug probably because he was still in a state of shock. He barely registered than Shelby the home wrecker was with his father. She didn't try to hug him or talk to him she just continued to stare at him distressed. She so clearly wanted to hug him and mother him but he would never have allowed it, especially when his mother was one room away and dying. A tired nurse came out with a file in his hand.

“You are Nathan Stone, son of Elena Martinez?” He asked monotone. Nathan nodded silently.

“I’m sorry to inform you that Elena has passed away.” He droned on. Nathan dropped his head into his hands and let the tears fall. He was not noisy and his expression did not change, he just let his tears flow freely into his lap. Richard rubbed his back affectionately and Shelby stayed with Richard and hugged him from behind. He may not have gotten on with his ex-wife but he was clearly saddened by her death. Since it was apparently night time, Richard decided for all of them that Nathan was to come home with them. Nate was in no state to argue, in fact he didn't even respond. When his father grew worried about him, he went in search of a Doctor who prescribed a sleeping pill which Nathan was given immediately. He nodded off in the back of his father’s car to the gentle purring of the engine.


He woke up with a groggy feeling in his head that would not go away. It was as if his head was two seconds behind every other part of him and he willed his brain to catch up. He was in the grey room he usually stayed in when he visited his father. He put two and two together in his head and figured out where he was and remembered why he was there. Elena Martinez was dead and she wasn’t coming back. She didn’t have a fallen star to come and save her. He felt a guilty pang in his chest. She might have lived if he went in to check on her that morning. He was the reason she lay in a morgue somewhere, waiting to be laid in a coffin and put to rest. He ran to the shower and undressed, letting the cold water bounce off his hard skin. His unkempt raven hair melted into his eyes until he shook it away. The cold felt good against his fevered skin. This new found hot feeling under his skin could get too much at times. After five minutes under the cold tap he finally got out and dressed in a pair of shorts and a t shirt he always left in a dresser here. They weren't particularly nice, all of his favourite clothes were in his real home. He headed downstairs and into the kitchen where he bumped into Shelby reading the newspaper. She choked on a piece of toast when he came in but quickly recovered. She asked how he was but she only got a grunt in response.

“Where’s dad?” Nate asked her.

“He had to go into work. He said he would take a half day though. He should be home soon. You slept through most of the day.” She said lightly. He ignored her then and poured himself cereal.


“I’m sorry about your mum.” Holly said. She stood behind Nathan dressed in funeral black. He wore a grey suit Shelby had bought him for the occasion. They buried his mother today. She got a traditional catholic ceremony which she would have loved. Lots of people Nathan didn't know turned up at his father’s house afterwards. They were friends of the family apparently. Elena’s mother, Nate’s grandmother came for the ceremony and gave Nate a hug and a kiss before leaving. She didn't want to go back to Richard’s house. She had never liked him. Nate had sat at the front of the church, he had shaken hands and accepted hugs halfheartedly. He had done everything he was expected to do and when he could do no more, he sat outside in the garden. That was when Holly arrived and broke his chain of thought. She looked beautiful today but he didn't tell her or she would make some remark that he was being sexist or something. He loved that she told him off and that she wore biker boots to a funeral. He loved that she could know exactly how he was feeling and how she knew all he needed was for her to hold his hand sometimes. They really were best friends.

“It’s okay. She’s in a place where she can’t hurt herself anymore I suppose.” He sighed.

“That doesn't mean you can’t be sad about it. Don’t think I don’t remember how you were there for me when my Dad died. I’m completely ready to hand you tissues or dab your nose or whatever you need.” She said, sitting down beside him. He grabbed her hand and held it tight. They both sat in silence, each absorbed in their own thoughts.


“How are you feeling?” Novah asked. Nathan had been on a midnight stroll around his new neighbourhood when his new found friend had caught up with him.

“How do people usually feel when their mother dies?” Nate replied sarcastically. Novah gave him a puzzled look as if he was truly thinking about it.

“I don’t know. I am not human therefore I do not have your emotions. Yet for some reason, since I gave you some of my strength I feel different.” He seemed unsure of himself.

“People usually feel sadness when someone dies.” Nate explained.

“So this is sadness I am feeling. What an odd emotion. I feel an aching inside of me. It is a despondency I am most unfamiliar with. I am afraid I am in uncharted waters here my friend. If I teach you more about your gifts, will you teach me more about these emotions I am feeling?” Novah asked hopefully. He must be the first person in the world who was happy that they were sad.

“Sure. So what else can you do?” Nate asked to change the topic. Novah smiled widely.

“I can cause illusions to a certain extent. It is very difficult though so I try not to put myself in situations like that often.” Novah explained.

“What do you mean? Come on, you have got to explain that one.” Nate asked excitedly.

“I don’t have a job Nathan, I don’t have much money. So I essentially blend my body into the background so I can steal.”  He explained uncomfortable with the term ‘stealing’.

“So you’re like a chameleon?”

“Not really. You know those people you pass by in the street? Well for every ten people you see there are ten people you don’t. I essentially become one of the people your mind decides not to register but you know is there. It takes a lot of concentration.” Novah said.

“Oh, I understand now. Can I do it?” Nate asked.

“I don’t know. I can try teaching you some other time. Are you nearly ready to come meet more Astral's?” Novah said. Nathan concentrated on the ground for a while, kicking this huge battered stone between his feet. He didn't know how he would get away from his father to be honest. Summer break was coming up so he couldn't pretend to be on a school trip. If he was staying with his mother still, none of this would be happening. She wouldn't even care if he left for a week. Everything was changed now and he wasn't sure he wanted to meet these other Astral’s after all. He didn't even know fully what an Astral was.

“You never told me where you actually came from. Did you really just fall out of the sky one day? Does that mean all of the stars look like humans?” Nathan blurted out the questions that had been swimming inside his mind.

“I did fall from the sky, that part is true to some extent. Stars are falling all the time but in recent years more have been falling than usual but that’s not important right now. I come from the Virgo constellation. It is the second biggest in the sky. I have many brothers and sisters who have also fallen but I have not met them all on earth yet. The reason we look like humans is harder to explain.” Novah stressed.

“It can’t be that hard.” Nathan scoffed lightly. Novah made several attempts to start to explain then thought better of it.

“When we fall, we are nothing more than a meteorite or space rock. But on impact on earth, we can claim a human body if there is a suitable host nearby. It sounds horrible that we can kick this human out of their body and claim it as our own but this body was in a comatose state for six months before I claimed it. It was a John Doe” He explained.

“So you can just steal anybody you want? That doesn't seem fair.” Nathan said.

“No it doesn't and I got lucky. I claimed a body immediately. Some Astral's spend decades waiting for a suitable vessel.”

This didn't seem a fair trade to Nate. Some fallen star gets to kick somebody out of their own body and that was it? What even happened to the person who got kicked out? He didn't think he wanted to know.

“Are you feeling ok? Your skin has taken on a greenish quality.” Novah sounded concerned, or as concerned as someone who didn't know what being concerned was could be.

“I’m just not feeling the best. I think I better head back. Look, I’ll come up with some excuse for leaving. Can you wait a week?” Nathan asked. Novah nodded and waved the boy goodbye. It was near sunrise and the bright glow of the sun illuminated the whole block, turning white stone to a perfect orange.


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