Fallen Brothers

Nathan was going to die until he was saved by the mysterious Novah. Novah saves Nathan by making them alike. You see, Novah is not like you and I. He is a fallen star or an Astral to be specific. He is not the only one either. When Nathan starts displaying powers similar to an Astral, Novah must bring him to the other Astral's and find out what exactly he has created. Could Nathan be the first ever human/star hybrid? What lengths will some people go to to get their hands on Nathan's powers? Most importantly, will Nathan choose the good side or will evil take him over? ©MindlessMatter


2. Hybrid

They said he had been lucky. The wound wasn't that big and he only required a few stitches. Still, they were amazed he had lost so much blood and was still alive. His mother hadn't shown up yet and his father waited outside, talking nervously with the Doctors. Nathan’s father was a nervous man. Anything related to Nathan and he was worried. After his parents had split up, his father had wanted Nathan to live with him but Nathan refused. How could he expect him to just leave his mother? She was helpless by herself and a mess after the divorce. There was also the small matter of his father living with the woman who was the reason for the divorce.

“Hello Nathan.” His father’s greeting brought him back to reality. The man hadn't changed a bit since their last meeting, about a month ago.

“Hello Richard.” Nathan said stiffly. His father gave him a disapproving stare but left it since his son was clearly in pain. He had been given drugs for the pain but it somehow wasn't enough. He winced with every small movement.

“Shelby’s fine, thanks for asking.” His father stated, flicking through some magazines at the end of the hospital bed. Nathan never asked how Shelby was and his father always responded by telling him how she was.

“When will Mom be here?” Nathan asked with his voice empty of any emotion. He had learnt recently how to keep his emotions locked away when talking to his father. It came in quite handy. “Elena is not answering any of my calls Nathan, you know that. Look son, I want you to come live with me. You know your mother can’t look after you. Especially after this!” His father argued.

Nathan rolled his eyes and sighed loudly.

“Look Dad, I don’t want to live with you. Mom isn't so bad, she’s a good mother. Once you get past the yelling in Spanish.” He lied skilfully.

He was spared his father’s response by his Mother running into the room. She hugged his head and kissed it profusely, patting down his ruffled black hair.

“Nate, baby! How’d you get stabbed?” She laughed in her Spanish accent. She completely ignored that Nathan’s father was even there. She wore a typically showy dress that barely covered anything and had every man looking back twice for a glimpse of the twins.

“I’ll see you Nathan. Think about what I said. Oh and here.” His father handed him a small box out of his jacket pocket. It was a brand new phone and an expensive one at that. He nodded his thanks as his father left them alone together.


It was a week since he had been home from hospital. The up side to being stabbed was no school and no therapy. Although that meant he was at home during his mother’s hangovers, which was like walking through a hurricane. The doctors told him to rest and try not to do anything strenuous but he still had to do the shopping, fix his mother’s bed and throw out her rather rough ‘party guests’.

He seemed okay though, he was healing remarkably fast.

“Nate darling, go to the shops. I’m out of cigarettes.” His mother moaned. He grabbed a tenner out of her purse and shrugged on his grey hoodie. The fresh air felt nice against his skin. The apartment had been too hot, it was like a sauna and the stale smoke and booze hadn't made it better. The street was busy for a Monday morning. He bumped into a few people on his way to the corner shop but kept his head down. He stopped in the middle of the people traffic and stood still. He felt cold and involuntary shivers rippled down his spine. He felt as if he was being watched. Quicker than he had ever moved before, he turned to face the apartments on the opposite side of the road. There he was. Novah was real, Nathan thought he might have been a dream conjured up by his de-oxygenated brain. He leaned against the crumbling wall with his arms crossed, staring back at Nathan. He looked worried. Nathan started to head toward him but someone knocked into him. When he looked up a moment later, Novah was gone. Maybe he had imagined it after all. He shook his head and continued his walk to the corner shop. Minutes later he was back in the stale apartment, lying in bed and thinking about his father.

When Nathan was around five, his father had taken him to the beach. It was just the two of them, his mother decided not to come. She claimed to have a migraine. The two of them had rolled up their trouser legs and splashed around in the sea. It was a rough day though and in a split second, while Richard hadn’t been looking, Nathan had been carried away by the waves. He was half a mile out to sea before anyone noticed. Being a five year old child, he panicked and thrashed around, swallowing water in the process. He started to go under and his eyes wouldn’t stay open. He remembered thinking that he was going to sleep and maybe he would see mommy when he woke up. Then a face flashed in front of him and they locked eyes for a moment. He felt strong hands around his waist. He gasped air, filling his tiny lungs. He didn’t even remember to thrash around; he just lay still in the stranger’s arms while they swam to shore.

The stranger thumped his chest and Nathan coughed up sea water. His father grabbed him tightly and wouldn’t let go. He thanked the stranger profusely and kept asking his name.

“Novah. You can call me Novah.” The man had said. Nathan took his head out of his father’s shoulder and peered at his rescuer. He was perhaps thirty with bright blonde hair and pale skin. His clothes were soaking wet, as though he had jumped in fully clothed.

“Are you ok little man?” He asked Nathan with a curious stare.

“My name is Nathan.” He replied. The man smiled widely and held his hand out for them to shake.

“Nice to meet you Nathan.” He had said.


It turns out that school goes on as normal even when one of its pupils has been stabbed. Nathan was two weeks behind on his school work and was struggling to keep up. He had extra classes after school with a tutor who offered to help him catch up. He had lots of admirers come up to him asking him if it still hurt and if they could see his scar. He obliged obviously and they practically swooned at his feet. Suddenly, he went from nobody with zero friends to most dateable guy in school. It wasn't just the girls who wanted him either. All of the guys wanted to be his friend all of a sudden. As if having Nathan as a friend made them tougher and scarier. The teachers were caring and accommodating also. It was his second Tuesday back at school when he started to notice the changes. He woke up with a major headache and would have stayed off from school but his mother had drunk heavily the night before and was getting sick all night. He didn't want to be around when she turned into hurricane Elena. He popped two aspirin and headed out quietly so as not to wake her. He was greeted at the gate to the school by his best friend in the world, Holly. They had been best friends since the age of seven. She was a short little thing but a real fire cracker. She had a temper to rival Mount Vesuvius. As predicted, she hit him hard on the arm when he was close enough. He patted her on the head, messing her hair up. It was his one advantage over her, being close to six foot compared to her meager five foot two.

“Why didn’t you come over last night?” She said.

“I had a major headache. I still have it actually.” He winced. She didn't say anything to him, perhaps because his pain was visible on his face. They walked into school together, talking about a show he had missed that night.

“Oh Nate! Are you feeling okay?” Cynthia rushed over to his, grabbing his arm tightly. She was loosely followed by her minions Grace and Minnie who looked equally concerned.

“I’m fine. It’s just a headache. I've got to go get my books but I’ll talk to you in art, bye Cynthia. See you Grace, Minnie.” He waved them off and headed inside with Holly who was just barely holding her anger in. She hated his new found celebrity status in school. She much preferred when they were nobodies, bothered by no one.

“Why don’t you tell them to go away? They are so annoying.” She complained once they were inside and out of earshot. Nathan stopped by his locker and shrugged. Talking to Holly when she was this close to blowing lava everywhere would be a huge mistake, he decided it was best to keep his opinions to himself.

“You like her don’t you?” She accused. He was about to say no when his head erupted in pain. He held a scream in his lips but grunted in pain instead. He held his head against one of the cold lockers. He was on fire, well his head anyway. The cool metal went some way toward helping. Until Holly gasped loudly and pulled him away. He turned toward her to say what but she was staring open mouthed at the lockers. He looked around and saw what she was looking at. The locker he had been resting against a moment ago was singed black and moments away from melting. He poked it and it bent inwards as if it was made out of plastic. It was still hot. She pulled his sleeve away from the scene and they hurried up the hall together. After a bit, they stopped and caught their breath.

“What the hell was that Stone?” She all but shouted. He didn't know what to say.

“Um. I think I did that.” He said, dumbstruck. She laughed hysterically and started pacing in front of him. People were filing past them now and the corridors were becoming crowded. They were lucky no one saw them.

“No freaking duh Nate! Since when have you been able to melt metal with your head? Oh and when were you going to tell me?” She threw him a look that said he better start explaining.

“Look, Holly. I don’t know what to say. That has never happened before. I have never done anything like that in my life!” He said scared. Something in his voice made her calm down and believe him.

“You better head home. I’ll make excuses. If a teacher stops you, use the ‘I was shot’ excuse.” She told him and gave him a push to move him since he just stood there, shocked. As it turns out, no one stopped him. Teachers smiled at him or gave him a pat on the arm when he walked by but none stopped him. He kept walking until he was at the kid’s park, a mile from the school. He sat on a wooden bench in the shade, far away from anybody and kept his head in his hands.

“It’s started then.” Someone said from his left. The voice was familiar. It was a voice from a dream.

He looked up and saw the blonde man from his memory. It was the man who saved him when he was five and the man who saved him when he was stabbed. Yet it was impossible that this same man couldn’t have aged at all in the space of twelve years. He looked perhaps in his early forties, with only the beginnings of creases in his forehead and barely a sag in his skin.

“What’s started?” Nathan croaked.

“Hi. I’m Novah.” He said, ignoring the question and sitting beside Nathan on the bench.

“I know that. You saved me twice now.” He replied. The man smiled down at him, a hint of surprise in his expression.

“I didn’t think you remembered the beach. I’m impressed.” He said.

“Well? Are you going to tell me what is wrong with me?” Nathan asked through gritted teeth. This man was as tough to swallow as Doctor Taylor.

“It’s rather hard to explain to someone. What happened anyway? Why did you leave school?” Novah asked him.

“I melted a metal locker with my forehead. Wait, how did you know I left school? Were you following me?” Nathan said, surprised.

“I hope no one saw you. I have been watching you since you were five years old Nathan. Watching and waiting.” He smiled strangely. He seemed sad.

“It was just me and my friend Holly. She wouldn’t tell anyone, I trust her. Why were you waiting? Who the hell are you?” He asked, exasperated and tired.

“I’m Novah and I am an Astral. That is a star that has fallen from the sky. I was waiting for you to die Nathan. One of my powers is that when I touch someone I can tell when they will die. When I saved you at the beach, I thought for sure that you would die but when I held you I knew it would be twelve years before that happened. You intrigued me, so I waited. I waited until the day you were supposed to die and I saved you, I think some of my energy or power might have gone into you.” He explained in a rush.

“So I’m what, a star now?” Nathan asked in disbelief. The man shrugged.

“I don’t know what you are Nathan. You are a mystery, you always have been. I have been on earth for many years and I have never been intrigued by a human before. What makes you so different?” He mused.

“Nu-uh. I’m not buying this crap. Get lost man.” Nathan pushed the man in the chest but Novah grabbed his hand and held it tightly.

“Don’t you want to know what you can do?” He asked with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Nathan had to admit, he was curious to see if the locker incident was a once off or not. He shrugged in assent.

“Alright I want you to picture yourself on that swing over there.” Novah nodded toward the empty swing set in front of them. The whole park was empty due to the rainy weather so the two of them were alone. Nathan closed his eyes and pictured himself on the swing set, pushing back and forwards gently with his toes. Suddenly the air felt different. It felt more open and he could feel rain on his cheeks. He opened his eyes and he was on the swing moving backwards and forwards slowly. Novah smiled at him from where he sat only a moment ago. Nathan closed his eyes again and pictured himself beside Novah.

“Well done Nate. That was good for a first go.” Novah clapped him on the back. Nathan was in awe at his new skill. He shook with excitement.

“What else can I do?” He asked excitedly. Novah looked on, perplexed for a moment.

“Well, hold your hand out for a moment. Straight, yes that’s it. Now keep your mind blank and imagine all you energy seeping into your hand. All of that new energy in your body is running through your veins to your left hand. Then just do what feels natural.” Novah stated.

“Do what feels natural? Don’t you know what you’re doing?” Nathan asked in disbelief.

“I don’t even know what you are. Besides, every Astral is different. From your locker incident I would say your power has something to do with heat but I’m just guessing.” He shrugged. Nathan shook his head but closed his eyes and held out his empty hand. He cleared his mind of everything and focused on his steady heartbeat. It thumped loudly in his ears at a constant rhythm. He pictured all of his energy seeping inside of him glowing hot. He tried to clump it together into one ball in his mind and pull it toward his left hand. It took a while but eventually his hand held all of the heat. He felt alive with all of the raw power pulsing in him. Somehow he knew exactly what to do. He pulled his arm back and threw it forward as you would with a fishing rod. Bright lightening flew out the end of his fingers, lighting up the whole park. He opened his eyes and threw his hand again. This time the lightening was less powerful but still bright. Both strikes left long black scorch marks on the path. Nathan stared at them while Novah laughed hysterically.

“My God! I’ve never seen that before! I mean, I can see people’s death. I know an Astral who can make someone fall in love with her but I have never ever seen that before!” He laughed.

Nathan swallowed, his mouth dry all of a sudden.

“So what now? Am I an Astral as well?” He asked quietly, the excitement leaving him.

“I’m afraid I don’t know. I could bring you to other Astral's that might know or understand what you are if you’d like. All I can say for now is that you are half star, half human. You are the first of your kind Nathan. True to your name, you are a gift from God.” Novah smiled hazardously back at him, waiting for some sort of reaction. All Nathan could do was groan at the thought of telling his parents


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