Fallen Brothers

Nathan was going to die until he was saved by the mysterious Novah. Novah saves Nathan by making them alike. You see, Novah is not like you and I. He is a fallen star or an Astral to be specific. He is not the only one either. When Nathan starts displaying powers similar to an Astral, Novah must bring him to the other Astral's and find out what exactly he has created. Could Nathan be the first ever human/star hybrid? What lengths will some people go to to get their hands on Nathan's powers? Most importantly, will Nathan choose the good side or will evil take him over? ©MindlessMatter


1. Dying Isn't So Bad

“Are you relaxed Nathan?” Doctor Taylor asked. Her voice, as always, was hushed. One of her rules was that voices must always be hushed in the room. It leads to a quiet, trusting atmosphere so she says.

“I’m trying to be.” He said through gritted teeth. He honestly was trying but relaxing had always been hard for him. He always had to be doing something. Whether that was swimming laps or running down the main street in only a pair of boxers. He had no memory of that second one, the reason he was in therapy in the first place.

“We’ll begin then, shall we? Nathan this is your fourth session with me yet I feel no progress is being made. What is your opinion on the matter?” The Doctor crossed her legs, tilted her head to one side and looked at him over her spectacles. He hated when she did that.

“My opinion is that there is no improvement because there was nothing to improve on in the first place! There was nothing wrong with me. I was super tired when that incident happened and not to mention stressed about exams. There’s nothing wrong with me.” He explained. She seemed to disagree as she was now shaking her head and sucking in air through her teeth.

“I have helped stressed teenagers before Nathan. Yet you are different from all of the other seventeen year old boys I have seen. You act older than your years. Why is that?” She asked.

He didn't have to think long about that one. Anyone who had to live with his mother would be the same. She acted younger than he was. She always had a new guy on her arm and couldn't even get a job. They lived off Nathan’s father’s monthly allowance. It was Nathan’s father who was paying for the expensive therapy.

“I don’t act any different from anyone else my age. I like skateboards, girls and the internet. Just because I like to read that doesn't make me a forty two year old at heart Aubrey.” He said patronizingly. She flushed red for a moment before recovering.

“I told you Nathan, I am Doctor Taylor. Do not refer to me by my first name in sessions.” She spluttered. He looked at her with a hard stare and she backed down.

“I’d like you to think about something for our next session Nathan. I want you to think about your favourite book and why it is your favourite book. Okay? Let’s talk about your father then…”

The rest of the session went by much the same as the first ten minutes had, mind numbingly boring.

After an hour, he got up off the plush sofa and left without a glance back at the Doctor. Doctor Taylor was used to his behaviour by now. She often referred to it as ‘erratic’. Nathan didn’t see it that way though, he saw it as necessary. His mother was nowhere to be seen which was predictable. He would have to get the bus home. It was winter so even at six it was dark out. Normally he would have a Saturday morning session with the Doctor but she changed it last minute. He cursed out loud and kicked the nearby post box when his bus passed him by. He would either have to wait an hour for the next one or make his way home himself. His apartment wasn't too far away so he decided to walk it. He pulled his hood up so that it covered much of his face and he zipped up his leather jacket. The weather had been nippy the past few weeks and there was a thin layer of ice coating every available surface making the pavement slippy. He slid a few times but righted himself slowly and pottered on, wishing he had brought his earphones. Neon signs flashed in his face, signalling twenty four hour pharmacies and takeaways. His stomach rumbled in response to his thoughts of takeaways. He hadn't eaten all day as yet again his mother had forgotten to go shopping. He sifted through his change, trying to come up with enough money for the heart attack special when someone grabbed him from behind. They pushed him up to the wall and pressed something hard and cold against his hip.

“Give me everything you have. I want your wallet, your phone and anything else you got!” The shadowed figure sneered into Nathan’s ear. He tried to push the man off of him but he just pressed closer shoving the metal harder against him. He felt something warm then, dripping down his leg slowly. Pain erupted from where the man had stabbed him. The ground rushed up on him as the man grabbed his mobile and ran. He pulled his hand away from the wound and held it in front of his blurry eyes. It was covered in sticky, dark blood. He tried to move but couldn't get up, he couldn't even ring an ambulance sine that jerk stole his phone. Closing his eyes in pain, he jumped at the feeling of cold hands on his wound. Opening his eyes slightly, there was a man bent down beside him. He had bright blonde hair pulled back really slick in a low ponytail but a strand fell in his eye as he worked on putting pressure on the wound. He looked unshaven but his clothes were clean. He definitely wasn’t homeless. He asked Nathan for his name in a husky voice. His pale hands looked paper white on Nathan’s bloody tanned waist, as if he was made out of marble.

“Nathan” He whispered. He was close to unconsciousness.

“Nice to meet you Nathan, I’m Novah. You are going to die unless I do something drastic to save your life. Do I have your permission to try something drastic?” The stranger asked forcefully. He held Nathan’s face in a bloody hand, making him look at him. All Nathan could do was nod with barely open eyes. You could say death had a firm grip on his shoulder but Nate knew what he saw. The hands that touched him, that reached inside his open wound, they glowed. They glowed so brightly, he had to squint just to see them. Then, slowly, Nathan’s body copied the glow. It started in his stomach, making its way down to his legs and up to his neck. His whole body radiated light then shut off. The hand came free of his wound and it began to close itself. By this time, someone from the nearby chip shop had seen them and was screaming to others. Before he knew what was happening, an ambulance was taking him away and the stranger called Novah had vanished into the night. 

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