Bella's sister -a jasper love story-twilight

Vicky is Bella's twin sister, and when her and Bella move to forks they meet the Cullens. What will happen when vicky develops feeling for Jasper?


5. Chapter 4

*time skip*

Me and Bella went into class, I couldn't concentrate because all I could think about was that boy that Jessica told me name was Jasper, he looked so interestingly mysterious, not to mention he was extremely attractive. The bell rang I gathered my stuff and walked to my next class and guess who I was sitting next to............. JASPER HALE!!!!!!!!!!! I looked down at my book, I was really nervous, I glanced up, he looked like he was in pain,I sighed. Then I noticed scars covering his arms, they looked like bit marks...... I looked up to see Jasper staring at me, I immediately looked back at my book, I was embarrassed. I looked up again to see that he was still staring at me, I wonder why he was staring at me did I have something on my face? I looked in to his gorgeous golden eyes, as he looked at me we stayed like that for a few seconds then I looked away. Soon class was over and I went to get Bella and we drove home. Me and Bella tell each other everything so I told about my crush on Jasper, and she told me that she had a HUGE crush on Jaspers brother Edward. Me and Bella never had crushes on boys so talking about boys was really weird for us. Another thing that was weird is how pained Jasper looked when people were near hime, strange.............. Well I am gonna find out why. I did my homework, had a shower, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

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