Bella's sister -a jasper love story-twilight

Vicky is Bella's twin sister, and when her and Bella move to forks they meet the Cullens. What will happen when vicky develops feeling for Jasper?


4. Chapter 3


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Vicky's Point of view


I woke up at 6:30 am so i decided not to waste time and to prepare for school. I went downstairs being careful not to wake anybody, I ate some cereal then I went up stairs and washed and got dressed into this and went back down stairs. When I got  downstairs i saw Bella sitting at the kitchen table "Morning! Are you ready to go?" Bella asked as i walked downstairs "yeah" i replied. We got in to Bella's truck and drove to school. When we got there some guy named Eric introduced himself and invited me and Bella to sit with him and his friends at lunch. All of my classes before lunch were boring, so as soon as the lunch bell rang I jumped out of my seat grabbed all my stuff and ran to the cafeteria to get Bella.

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