Bella's sister -a jasper love story-twilight

Vicky is Bella's twin sister, and when her and Bella move to forks they meet the Cullens. What will happen when vicky develops feeling for Jasper?


3. Chapter 2

Bella's point of view 


I was so happy to see my sister again. She is my best friend I missed her a lot even though its only been a few days since I've seen her.  And I only came here to live with my dad a few days ago so I hadn't started school yet and I needed a friend. We pulled in to our drive way and got out of the car and went inside. "Come on I'll show you your room" I said as Vicky was taking off her shoes. "Ok" she replied and we walked upstairs to her new room. I opened the door and Vicky walked in  "OMG this is awesome!!!!!!" She exclaimed as she looked around. Her room had white walls. A navy blue ceiling, a book shelf in the corner with her favourite books (Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Percy Jackson etc.) and a desk with a computer and a yoga ball chair thing, there is a large bed with a bed spread that was many different shades of blue. "How do you like your room?" Charlie asked walking over to me and Vicky "Its Awesome!" Vicky said hugging Charlie "Thank Bella not me she picked everything out and decorated it" Charlie said  "Thanks Bella!" Said Vicky hugging me tightly "No problem sis" I replied. Vicky plugged in her iPod and pit on some music them started to unpack i helped her, while unpacking we talked about our memories in forks and how we hated all of the rain and cold weather. In about 2 hours we were done, and we went down stairs. " come on girls lets go to the diner" said Charlie "ok" I replied we got in the car and soon we were at the diner. We went inside and ate our diner then went back home. I was tired so when we got back home i went to bed right away so did Vicky, we had a big day tomorrow, our first day of school.

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