Bella's sister -a jasper love story-twilight

Vicky is Bella's twin sister, and when her and Bella move to forks they meet the Cullens. What will happen when vicky develops feeling for Jasper?


2. Chapter 1

Vicky's  point of view

"Come on Vicky, or you are going to miss your plane" my mother said as she  was leading me to my plane "I'm coming!" I reply. When we get to the plane my mother hugs me for a few seconds then we said our goodbyes and i walked to the plane, i looked back and saw my mother crying and walking away. I sighed and walked onto the plane. 

It was a long and boring ride and as soon as I heard the pilots voice say "forks washington" I leapt up from my seat i grabbed my duffel bag the I took on to the plane with me and then I ran to the luggage pick up place. I grabbed my bag and went to wait for Bella and Charlie. "Vicky!" I heard someone call. I turned around to see Bella  walking towards me, I ran over to her and pulled her into a tight hug "Hey Bells!" I said "Hey Vicky!" Bella replied. "Hi dad" I said hugging Charlie "Hi Vicky" he replied "come on lets go" 

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