Bella's sister -a jasper love story-twilight

Vicky is Bella's twin sister, and when her and Bella move to forks they meet the Cullens. What will happen when vicky develops feeling for Jasper?


1. Vicky Swan

Hi i am Vicky. I am 17, and i am moving to a small town in washington called forks. I have waist length black hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin. I used to live in Phenix but my mom is remarried with a minor league baseball player so they travel a lot so my mom is sending me and my sister to live with my dad. My twin sister Bella already went to forks a few days ago but i miss her a lot, even though sisters are supposed to fight a lot me and Bella are best friends. I can play the piano, violin, clarinet, and ocarina, i listen to music all the time and i love singing.  I have three friends in phenix that are all kind of crazy i will miss them when i am in forks. Oh its time to board the plane.

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