Heart Breaker

Hi my name is Rebecca Carrol! I live in Mullingar in Ireland.
My best friend live here to Niall Horan.
We met when we were like new born and now we are 13! We dose not go in the same school because Niall's school is an all boy school so......
Now we have a Co-Author and it's Tiger99 :)


10. The dinner

*When we were about to leave for the dinner*

"Can I come?" Louis asked, with his eyes lighting up with hopefulness.

"Lottie your choice" I said and winked. I didn't want her to feel awkward from her older brother being there during a girl time.

"Sure but just for the dinner Louis!" She said and winked. This girl is really cheeky, just like her brother.

"Do I have wear good clothing for the dinner?" Louis asked

"Yes! but hurry! Let's go I am hungry!" I said. I'm always hungry........like Niall.......UGH! My mind is crazy. It always go back to Niall. I need to forget him!

"Okay" Lottie said

*When we walked out of the car*

"OMG Paparazzi and fans are everywhere!" I whispered to them.

"Meh. I'm used to it" Louis said and winked I melted inside. wait what?! I can't like Louis?! I shouldn't be feeling like this because he's part of One Direction and that's where Niall is.

"Not as much as I am" Lottie said, moodily.

"We need to go inside now we can't just stand here" I said and Louis grabbed my hand, while I grabbed Lottie's (it looked really weird believe me!) while we went to the car. 

*After the dinner*

"I had a great day with you two tonight and nice to meet you again Becca!" Louis said, smiling.

"me too" I said and smiled back. He made me feel so special.........

"We need to go now. It's getting kinda late. Louis we can't let you drive us home because then my house is going to get mobbed...."I said sadly. 

"Yeah but first I need to see your phone!" He said and I unlocked the phone and gave it to him. When I got it back I looked around in my phone and saw a new contact......And the name was Louis The Tommo Tomlinson <3 And I looked in my picture and saw him on like 10 pictures he has taken.... 

"Okay Louis...."I said and just chuckled. He's so sweet and funny!

"BYEEE!" He said and hugged me.

"Bye!" I said and hugged him back

*When me and Lottie came home*

"So tell me about you and Niall" She said and hugged me

I told her everything. And I cried as usual.......being the emotional person. No, I'm serious, I do get really emotional in the most weirdest situations. 

"You gonna get a better boy. He doesn't deserve you! Any boy, other than him of course, would be lucky to have you." she said

"Thank you!" I said and smiled. I looked into her eyes. I could tell that she speaking truthfully.

"So............ do you like my brother, Louis?" She said and smiled evil. 

"Yes. No. Maybe!" I said and I still cried but it was just tears....Silent crying is the worst crying.....

"I think you do and he definitely likes you!" She said and smiled

"How are you not weirded out by this? I mean he's your brother" I asked. If one of my friends told me that they had a crush on my older sister then I would be so grossed out.

"I just want to see my older brother and my friend happy!" She said and smiled and hugged me

"Should I text him now?" I said

"Yes do it!" She said excited

But I didn't need to because just then Louis texted me.

(B=Becca(Me) L=Louis)

L:Heeeeey Becca :) <3 -Louis

Aww! He put a heart on the end. Sorry- back to the texts.

B:Heeeeey Lou! What's up? :) -Becca

L: I'm on my computer and texting one of the most hottest girls I've seen ;) <3 -Louis

I instantly blushed at that comment. Luckily he couldn't see me through the phone. Lottie saw the text and started to gag. I just rolled my eyes at her.

B:yeah right! And I'm on twitter and I texting you! :) -Becca

L: It's true! And what's your twitter name? ;) <3 -Louis

B: Okay, if you say so.......... and my Twitter name is @Becca_C :) -Becca[SORRY IF SOMEONE HAVE THAT TWITTERNAME!] (A/N<--- haha! just checked someone does. sorry if that's you and you're reading this. -Tiger99)

*2 Minutes later* 

"Becca?!?!" She screamed

"Yes?" I said

"Your iPhone keeps vibrating....."She said and laughed 

"What why?" I said. Since when was I popular? I unlocked my phone and everything was from Twitter.....I turned the notifications off....And saw what all the fuss was about.....Oh My God! Louis tweeted me.  Now, Niall's gonna see it and work out where I am and try to get me back.......


Gee! Thanks a lot Louis!

@Louis_Tomlinson: Thank you Becca_C for the great time and it is really fun to meet you. I was curious since @NiallOfficial ALWAYS goes on about you! 

@Becca_C: @Louis_Tomlinson Thank you for coming ;)



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