Heart Breaker

Hi my name is Rebecca Carrol! I live in Mullingar in Ireland.
My best friend live here to Niall Horan.
We met when we were like new born and now we are 13! We dose not go in the same school because Niall's school is an all boy school so......
Now we have a Co-Author and it's Tiger99 :)


22. One Pieces



"Louis it isn't what it look like...I promise...."I said and I already pushed Niall out of my arms of. My eyes started to fill up with tears.

"W-W-W-W-H-Y?! Louis said and I ran over to our bed and didn't move. All I heard were some sobs. I slammed the door in Niall's face and ran over to Louis .

"Louis I promise I love you more than anything and when I hurt you I feel like I want to die...."I said and started to cry like never before.

"If you die I will die with you.."Louis said and looked at me with red puffy eyes

"I love you Louis more than anything I promise..."I said and cried even more

"I love you even more Becca. More than you can ever imagine" Louis said and hugged me I hugged him back.

"That isn't even possible Louis." I said and kissed his cheek

"Okay, put it this way, we love etch other more than every couple in the world love each other." Louis said and kissed my cheek.

"I am so sorry for messing everything up today Lou!" I said and started to cry in his shoulder.

"It`s not you...It's Niall....He whispered 

"Yeah but we need to forget about me and him being together. We are JUST friends. Nothing more." I said and smiled to Louis he smiled back

"Yeah we need to..." Louis said and we kissed and hugged for like 10 minutes and then I feel asleep in his arm....The best place to sleep.

*In the morning*

"Becca I have made breakfast!!!!!" Louis said and hugged me and waking me up in the process. 

"Oh Louis you didn't have to do breakfast for me" I said and hugged him back

"Of course I have to do it!" He said

"No but thank you so much" I said and kissed his cheek

"A kiss on the cheek for making you breakfast?! I was expecting more.."He said

"We can take that later Louis..." I said and winked

"Okay then"He said pouting.

I ate my breakfast in the bed and so did Louis.

"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked

"Sure we can have a lazy day today too!" I said and smiled

"Sure we can!" He said and smiled

"Can I use one of your T-shirts?" I asked with a smile

"Sure but take my other One Piece instead!" He said with a smile.

"Thank you!" I said and smiled then I took one of his One Piece

Louis had his One Piece on him

"You look great as usual!" Louis said with a smile

"Look at yourself then Louis! You're so adorable in that!" I said with a bigger smile

"Yeah but you are the prettiest in the world!" He said I just rolled my eyes and walked to the bathroom and brushed my hair. Sure.........

"I can take the dishes to the kitchen if you want." I said 

"But I can help you." he said with a smile

"okay let`s go then!" I said with a smile

"Okay" He said and took some of the dishes and I took the rest of the dishes

When we where down in the kitchen Niall was there of course.....shit

"Hi Niall..."Louis said with a fake smile, no let me change that, a FREAKY fake smile -_-

"Hi" Niall said and smiled, but his was a genuine one. His face dropped slightly when he saw that I was wearing one of Louis' tops.

"Hi.."I said with a fake smile too..

"So when are we gonna go?" Niall asked with a bigger smile. wait what oh no I forgot....I don't even want to go....

"Oh sorry Niall I feel a little ill today......" I said and I didn't lie

"Oh okay.."Niall said and hes face dropped

"See ya soon!" Louis said and took my arm and ran up to our room

"Do you feel ill Becca?" He asked

"A little...But I am sure it`s nothing" I said and smiled

"Okay we will wait and see." He said

*Louis` P.O.V*

Wait if she is ill...and we've done, well you know,

does that can mean.....That she is.......Pregnant?! :o






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