Heart Breaker

Hi my name is Rebecca Carrol! I live in Mullingar in Ireland.
My best friend live here to Niall Horan.
We met when we were like new born and now we are 13! We dose not go in the same school because Niall's school is an all boy school so......
Now we have a Co-Author and it's Tiger99 :)


3. One of the best day's in my life!

Nothing has really happened with me and Becca since that kiss we just "forgot" it.....Well she did anyway. That kiss was one of the best days in my life. I still like her. I still have a major crush on her....

Now I am 16.....

I look like this now:

I really love to sing....I really do....

I don't really do it in front of anyone. I mean which boy sings? They'll probably just make fun of me. I only sing in front of Rebecca because I can trust her and she never makes fun of me.

I singed a song while Becca was in my room. She knew that I loved to sing and she thought that I had a good voice. But I probably don't.....

"Niall you really need to audition in X-Factor!" Becca said

"Should I?" I asked

"Yeah you are really good but it`s like in two weeks you need to train hard now!" She said, her eyes lighting up.

"And which song are you gonna sing?" She asked

"I can sing So Sick by Ne-Yo!" I said with a smile. It was our favourite song!

"Then sing for me!" She said

*The Big Day*"-It`s your turn next Niall! Good luck! She said and kissed me on my cheek I blushed and feel more strong. I'm doing this for her, I reminded myself.

"Thank you!" I said

(The audition) (sure you have seen that before but in case here`s the link)


When I came back backstage, Rebecca jumped into my arms. "You were amazing, Niall!". I just laughed.

I then took Becca with me to the forest again.

"But seriously, you were awesome!" She said

"The bad thing about this is that I gonna be away from you!" I said while pouting. I don't know how I'm going to be able to keep away from her. I see her every day.

"Yeah but you gonna make it and I promise that I'm gonna come to the live shows"

"I doubt that I'll make it through though...... "I said awkwardly; scratching the back of my neck.

"But you gonna do it! I know you are!" She said

Then.....I could`t speak because she crushed my and her lips together....It was the best kiss that someone could get......It was a long and passionate kiss. I've been waiting for that since we last kissed. It was the best feeling in the world. Then she, unfortunately, she pulled away. 

"We need to go back home now....."She said.

*The day before traveling to Bootcamp*

"Can I pick you up at 6 pm today?" I asked.

"Yeah of course!" She said and we both smiled and looked into each others eyes. I started to blush so did she..... GOD! I'm starting to act like a girl :S

We did go and got ready for the "Date". Well, that's how I want to call it anyway ;)



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