Heart Breaker

Hi my name is Rebecca Carrol! I live in Mullingar in Ireland.
My best friend live here to Niall Horan.
We met when we were like new born and now we are 13! We dose not go in the same school because Niall's school is an all boy school so......
Now we have a Co-Author and it's Tiger99 :)


17. Friends?



Just as Becca was about to close the door in my face, I stopped it with my foot. "Becca, please. You're going to have to talk to me sometime........" I reasoned with her.


I thought about it. He was right! I can't keep ignoring him forever. Especially if he was my boyfriend's best mate. I opened the door, not making eye contact with Niall.

"Thank you! I need to talk to you." He said, grabbing my hand and leading me towards the living room.

"Do I have a choice? You've already starting talking." I said back sassily. I meant for him to be offended and sad but he just chuckled.

"Haven't lost your sassiness, I see?" he said raising his eyebrow as we sat down on the couch. 

"Do you know where Louis is?" Niall asked nervously.

"He-He's um in the shop with Liam. Why?" i asked suspiciously.

"No reason." he said. For some reason, I didn't believe that to be true. 

"Okay........" I said awkwardly. What did I expect? Of course it was going to be awkward,considering our past and the fact that we hadn't seen each other in 3 years now!

"Becca, I know that I cheated on you but I'm really sorry. I don't know why I did it. I guess the fame just got to me. I swear. And also..........I thought that you moved on from me. Cos, i mean you're a pretty girl, and boys would be dying to have you and call you theirs. I guess I thought that you moved on.............But I didn't forget you though. You were always in my heart and still are!" Niall said, grabbing my hand. 

I looked up. He looks do different. This is how he looked now:

He's changed quite a bit. He looks so hot. Especially his blue eyes. I know, I shouldn't be talking like this if I have a boyfriend but I'm not exactly cheating on Louis or anything. Me and Niall can never go back to what we were before.

"I forgive you Niall." as soon as those words escaped my mouth, a huge grin was plastered on niall's face.

"But I don't think we'll ever go back to what were before. I have Louis." I said. It sounded quite harsh but I didn't want to string or lead him on. 

"Oh, yeah........" Niall said. His smile slowly faded and it turned into a slight frown. But I ignored it for now. 

"But we are friends right?" he asked with hopeful eyes.

"yes, friends but not best friends......" I said. Niall looked even sadder. Why do I keep breaking his heart after each sentence?


I admit, it broke my heart when she said that we can't be what we were before and that we were just mere friends, not even best friends. But I should be happy that I have at least got her talking to me and made her forgive me. 

Just when I was about to say something, the door opened. Louis entered with Liam. I looked at Liam, giving him a half-confused look and half-annoyed looks. He knew what I meant. It has only been half an hour. He was supposed to be 'out' for at least 2. Liam gave me an apologetic look back. Humph! Louis came into the living room.

"Hi, becc-" he stopped. He noticed me.

"Niall! You're here early! Any particular reason?" I saw him roll his eyes at me. I knew he means becca. Becca noticed that as well,

"Yeah, he's here Lou. He came earlier. It was good though. We got to..........um.................catch up." I gave her a smile. I knew we just made up now, but I didn't expect her to stick up for me. She smiled back. I guess Louis noticed this and got jealous.m

"Becca! I've bought your favourite movies, The Notebook and Love Actually. Do you want to have a lazy day with me in OUR bedroom and watch these all day?" He said to her. He emphasised the OUR bit on purpose to set me off. And he did a good job in that too. Since when did they start sleeping in the same bedroom? When did they start dating? Did they........oh no..............did they have sex yet? God! I hope not! I've always wanted to be first and her last. 

"Yeah! Sure! Hey Niall, tomorrow, do you wanna hang out with me?" she asked. 

I heart skipped a beat. I swear, this has become a competition now!

"Yeah sure!" I said without a moment's hesitation. Louis just gave me a really jealous look (if you can do that?). He grabbed Becca's wrist and dragged her along to their room. 




What do you think of this chapter? 

Sorry, I kinda rushed this chapter so there's  some mistakes. so yeah......... :(


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