She Just Wants To Be Loved

15 Year Old Kailey Just Wants To Be Loved. kailey Just Moved to Ireland New school New Friends . She lives with her 4 sisters and parents , Imagive Living with a family who dosent Love Or Care About you . Living In Pain And Torture No Shoulder to cry in .. no One To Talk Too. its All Up Too You.......


1. All To Me

Welll its just a Regular Monday Afternoon Theirs Still Boxes On the floor Ughhh! I moan. I dont want to pick them up ! Fuck This ! I lay back down on my bed pick up my phone No Messages .. Well Whatever I Sit their for a While Looking up at the ceilling . I wounder what Sophies doing ? (Best friend) Ummm, what should i do .. Whatever ill take a walk i get up and change into some sweets A T-shirt that says cool story bro and my Red wans . Off i go i walk out the door as im walking i pass by my New Highschool edwars High ughh i just cant wait to be stuck their for 4 years . I keep walking and as i walk im thinking about school , friends . Etc. i wonder what my life would be like without my parents . Well as i was walking i bump into some boy Watch It! I scream Sorry Love i look up and see so,e blonde hair blue eye Boy Was He cute ! He helped me up and asked me what my name was. Hi Im Kayley ! I Smirked Im Niall He smiled we stared for a while and well i best be going dont wanna be late i said Nice metting you he said I Smilled and waved goodbye . 

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