Run to You

For Elias, love didn't exist. It was a civilian phenomenon, a privilege of the ignorant. So when he first laid eyes on her, stowed away in the cargo hold of his cruiser, he was surprised to find that he had fallen desperately for her... Run To You is a tale of love, and the inseparable bond between two hearts that never knew trust.


1. Stowaway

"There was a saying in my hometown, that life is like a stormy ocean, and each one of us is a lonesome survivor on a broken raft. Sometimes we drown, sometimes we swim against the currents, and sometimes we grab onto each other. I'd been swimming for years on my own, completely alone ever since I decided to become a pilot. And yes, I loved my job, but at times the silence was enough to drive me insane... Nevertheless, I never imagined I'd find the most fulfilling relationship just sitting in that ship of mine."

The day, up until that point, was uneventful at best. At the time, Elias was commissioning under a private company, using his ship to drill holes in some asteroid field a few thousand knots from the space station. With a solemn view of gray rock in every direction, there wasn't much to marvel at. Indeed, the entire job consisted of moving a few levers and pushing a few buttons; the mechanism sought for and dug up any valuable materials on its own. It merely needed a human to judge spatially and move it to different areas, so as to prevent the asteroid from suffering extreme structural damage. The science of it was quite fascinating, partly why Elias had become adept at using and repairing the drill. It didn't change the fact that the menial task of using it bored him half to sleep.

To keep himself from completely zoning out on the job, the man had bought a music player for the ship's systems, which he could access via the command and control unit on his wrist. It was by sheer luck that it wasn't quite responding that day, and there were a plethora of possible explanations as to why. Elias was in no mood to rack his brain trying to figure out the problem, nor begin to even contemplate a solution. Thus, the pilot's cockpit remained drowned in silence, save for the thrum of the drill doing its job.

If Elias thought things couldn't get worse, he was far from right. It was not even five minutes later that he heard a violent thrashing coming from the direction of the rear cargo hold.

'Another fucking infestation? Give me a break.' He sighed, exasperated, quickly hopping out of his seat and taking his pistol from its holster. He released the safety as he ran, and made sure the gun was actually loaded this time around. The man didn't dare repeat the mess that ensued the one time he brought an empty gun. It was that incident, that one stupid mistake that cost him the left side of his face.

When finally the man reached the cargo hold, he was ready for anything. Or so he thought. The sight of the thick, fresh trail of blood smeared across the floor sent shivers down his spine; he could smell the wound from where he stood. Someone, or something, was bleeding to death around the corner of the nearest crate. And the idea of stumbling upon its attacker was nerve-wracking, to say the least. Nonetheless, he had to see what it was. Had to see whether or not he could help the poor, bleeding thing around corner. So he stepped forward, taking it one step at a time, his pistol shaking in his right hand as he raised it. What he saw when he made it around the crate was... gruesome. 

A young woman was laying limply against the wall behind her, one of her legs bleeding profusely. It seemed her whole shin had been skinned, merely from the amount of blood pooling around her. Elias kept his gun raised, aimed at her head in case it was some sort of trap, and spoke with authority.

"Who did this to you?" He wondered how he managed to sound so calm, as he studied her condition. Her skin was pallid, clammy. She looked as if she would pass out from blood loss at any moment. But she was still conscious, enough to look fearfully down the barrel of his gun. She opened her mouth and let out a frightened croak, but couldn't seem to form any words. The next moment, she was coughing violently, and Elias could do nothing but anxiously study the forming coat of blood on her lips.

He couldn't just stand there and let her die, he was too human for that... But he couldn't just let down his guard either. Torn, he lowered his gun and scanned the room quickly for anyone else, just to reassure himself that it was okay to help. Somewhat convinced, he holstered his gun, and walked quickly over to her side. For the moment he helped her sit up, realizing all too soon that he didn't have the slightest idea how to help her. He remembered the popular notion that you have to stop the bleeding, like they always mentioned in the movies. He needed cloth, or something to wrap the wound with, so he looked frantically around for anything that he could use.

It was evident that there was nothing inside the room, that he'd have to run down to the Medical Wing (which was in actuality the size of a small bathroom, only labelled "wing" out of technicality). When he stood up to leave, the woman's coughing died down, and he wasn't sure if that meant she would slip out of consciousness, or die right there. He hoped with all his heart it wasn't the latter.

He scurried over to Medical, nearly tripping on his feet, his mind racing as he considered how little time he might have. When he reached there, his hands went straight for the various drawers and cabinets that were encased in the metal wall. Hidden in the back of one drawer was half a roll of bandages, not nearly enough for her entire leg but better than nothing. Turning to leave, he had the bright idea of using one of his shirts for extra cloth, and thus ran to his quarters to grab the first one he found.

By the time he had returned with everything he thought he might need, the girl in the cargo bay had already blacked out. He dropped to his knees by her side, checking her nose to see if she was still breathing; thankfully, she was, even if it was weak. This was relieving news,  begin bandaging her wounded leg.

When she was all wrapped up, he settled her down against the floor, watching her with worry for a moment. This young woman would have a lot to answer for when she woke up...



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