The Weird Stories (Extra Weird!)

This is a composition of stories that is created from improv circles, where you go around the circle saying one word at a time in order to create a story. I hope you enjoy them!


4. Story 4

   Once upon a time there was no people on chicken fat. They liked pie. Noodles were very poisoness to the united cats of Catville. The girls of Catville got soup flavored lollipops and lipstick flavored frosting. The girls ate the soup flavored lollipops and lipstick flavored frosting. They got very dead and died. Boys laughed stupidly. They died instantly. Then, their dog (K-9) ate a hippopotamus made of cheese. Then dragons got the dog and ate some disgusting trees. Oklahoma heard the dragons and K-9 screamed. No one knew that the dog cried about Many a New Day with chocolate because they were hidden from the rest of the dragons that were angry. The dog jumped off a huge cliff. He died.

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