The Weird Stories (Extra Weird!)

This is a composition of stories that is created from improv circles, where you go around the circle saying one word at a time in order to create a story. I hope you enjoy them!


1. Story 1

   Once upon a time there lived a lady who loved to play Quidditch. Her husband was mysterious but he traveled in space and time in his TARDIS. People liked searching for him and they never found him. However, whenever you breathe, fumes come from your mouth. The fumes poisoned them. It nearly destroyed the race of humans. So, the lady's dog (K-9) barked so she got a warning the dog that was urgent and loud. The dog died so she decided she was trapped in pudding, therefore she used pudding to absorb fumes from people and chickens so never more will dogs bark urgent and loud paintings and messages for her.

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