Forever Young

Jessicas dad manages many people in the music industry. But Jessica gets bored with who he works with. But that completely changes when he starts to manage her favorite boyband, One Direction!
But there is one problem. Jessicas dad doesn't want Jessica involved in anything with the boys. How will Jessica and the boys keep it a secret when she hopelessly falls for one of them? Find out in "Forever Young"


2. Chapter 2

Harrys POV

"Hi! We're One Direction!" we all said in unison. I stared in disbelief as I saw the prettiest girl in the world walk into the room. I thought our manager was a guy!

"Hey boys i'm your new manager Mr. Walker!" said a guy as he walked into the room. Oh. Damn it!"And this is my daughter Jessica. She will be going on tour with us but you guys aren't allowed to touch her" Jessica rolled her eyes. She was perfect. Her long brown hair flowed perfectly off her shoulders and her green eyes just lit up the room. I don't know how Mr. Walker expects up to keep our hands off.

"Wait. What!?" She said turning around to face her dad. "Your'e letting me come on tour with them?" She was a fan apparently. She started to jump up and down. But she stop and cleared her throat. "I mean, thanks" We all laughed. Niall was standing next to me. He nudged me in the side. I mouthed the words "I call dibs" to him. He rolled his eyes.

"anyways boys you will be staying at our house tonight then we will leave on Friday for the tour. Do you guys already have your stuff packed into the tour bus?" He asked us. It was currently Wednesday. 

"Yes sir" replied Louis. Mr. Walkers phone started ringing. 

"Hold on guys I have to take this. It may take a bit" He said as he left the room. This was our chance to talk to Jessica.

"Im sorry about my dad. He is SO overprotective."

"Oh dont worry about it. We can work something out" said Zayn, winking at her. I looked at him and mouthed the words "QUIT IT" I looked back at jessica. She blushed and bit her lip. Oh my god she was gorgeous. I have to make her mine.

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