Forever Young

Jessicas dad manages many people in the music industry. But Jessica gets bored with who he works with. But that completely changes when he starts to manage her favorite boyband, One Direction!
But there is one problem. Jessicas dad doesn't want Jessica involved in anything with the boys. How will Jessica and the boys keep it a secret when she hopelessly falls for one of them? Find out in "Forever Young"


1. Chapter 1

Jessica's POV

"Jess! Come on!" My dad yelled up to me. I quickly put on my red skinny jeans and Pink Floyd muscle T. I was not particularly excited about where me and my dad were going this afternoon. My dad is constantly searching for new clients. He manages music stars. That may sound fantastic to you, but all he manages are old people who never get discovered. That's why he constantly has to keep changing his clients. We are headed for his studio to meet his "New" and "Amazing" clients. Yeah right. 

"Coming dad!" I said stopping by the bathroom to do a quick check on my makeup and hair. My hair was long and brown. Also way too straight. It won't curl or anything. I hate it. My makeup was quite simple. Mascara, eye liner, white eye shadow. Not that I completely cared about what I looked like, just to meet another one of my dads clients.

I ran down the long hallway and down the mini flight of steps into the kitchen. My dad was in there, on his laptop for last minuet stuff before we left. I smelled pancakes and bacon from this mornings breakfast. 

"I really think your'e gonna like my new clients" My dad said, trying to get me to believe him once more.

"Oh really? Just how I was gonna like the last person? Dad they were 50 years old and sounded like bloody hell!" 

"Hey watch your language. And you just wait, your'e gonna like them!" He said as he shut his laptop and put it in his bag. He then grabed his keys.

"Whatever you say dad" I said as we walked out the door into the humid rain. My dad locked the door and walked down the porch steps, to the car, me not too far behind.


When we arrived at the studio, we parked and got out of the car, approaching the front door that had my last name in big flashy letters. 

He opened the door and made the gesture with his hand for me to go in, "After You" He said.

We walked in to the musty smelling building. I looked straight down the extended hallway, where multiple recording rooms, sitting rooms, break rooms, and one room with the front desk laid out. The room we needed to go to was at the last door.

It felt like ages walking down that long hallway.We finally reached the very last door. I reached for the handle but my dad put his arm out. 

"Now, don't freak out or scream or any thing of that sort. Act chill okay. DONT I repeat DONT go crazy" He said. What is he up to?

"Okay! Gosh it can't be that exciting!"

He rolled his eyes and opened the door. We walked in the room and my jaw felt like it fell right to the ground. Standing in front of me, stood the most popular boy band in the world, One Direction.

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