Searching For You

In this futuristic society, when you are born, you receive a necklace. This necklace is unique; well, almost unique. 1 male and 1 female are given the same necklace at birth; their destiny is to find each other. The pair with matching necklaces are soul mates. If you don't find your match and choose your own partner, it is frowned upon. In this instance, Rachel falls for her best friend, Sam. The problem? Their destinies are not meant to be intertwined.

This story follows the journey the duo face and the life changing decisions they are forced to make.


1. The Ceremony

"Are you nervous?"

"Yeah, kinda... You?"

"A little."

That was all we said. Today is 'The Departure'. Everyone has a group number, mine is #000511327. This number signifies that my life partner will have the same number. Every year, the group of babies born all receive the same number. This year, I am 16 along with all the other #000511327er's. 

The curtain rises, and the crowd erupts with thunderous applause. Beaming parents, all eager to show their peers that their child turned out the best out of the group. I look to Sam for comfort; he reassuringly grabs hold of my left hand and shoots me a warm smile. I fake a smile back. There we stand, in front of our entire Sector.

"Welcome, to The Departure of group #000511327 from Sector 17. Today, these children will receive their birth necklaces. Everyone's mate is in a different Sector. As I speak, your life partner is also receiving their birth necklace. If you decide you are ready, you may begin the search for your mate in 1 of 20 Sectors. If your match is near, your necklace will illuminate. The closer you get to each other, the brighter your necklaces will glow."

After the speech was over, we all obtained our necklaces. Most of group #000511327 ran off immediately, eager to find their partner. Sam and I were the only ones left in the Auditorium.

"Rachel, I don't want to find her... I want you."

"I know Sam... I know..."

We sat there in silence as the lights slowly went off, 1 by 1.

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