Not Only in Class-complete

When Niall leaves for the X-factor and leaves behind his secretly pregnant girlfriend will they ever make up or will love blossom?


2. Sweethearts

Savannah's Pov.

  We were all sitting in class together it went 1st row 3rd seat was me, 1st row 2nd seat was Zayn my boyfriend, 1st row 1st seat was Harry's girlfriend Lauren Spence, 1st row 4th seat was Camryn Cooper, 2nd row 1st seat was Harry who was in the band, 2nd row 2nd seat was Niall, Madison's boyfriend, 2nd row 3rd seat was Madison, 2nd row 4th seat was Kacey Holifield, 3rd row 1st seat was Louis who was in the band also, 3rd row 2nd seat was Niall, Madison's boyfriend, 3rd row 3rd seat was Madison, and behind them were Zayn and Savannah.

~After graduation 2 years later~

Niall's Pov.

 I decided today was the day I cooked breakfast and woke everyone up informing I was gonna ask Madison to marry me. I woke Madison and pulled out the breakfast and got the ring out the bacon read 'Mrs.Horan?' and she said yes I got up and kissed her the boys proposed also so we were all engaged.

Madison's Pov.

''I'm gonna go take a shower babe'' I said. He asked ''can I join?'' I said 'yes.' We got in the bathroom and we started kissing and he put his tongue on my bottom lip asking for entrance I let him he pushed me against the wall and I wrapped my legs around him I pulled away and said '' save it for the bath.'' He smirked. I took off my shirt and pants and he did the same. I was staring at  his abs he said '' Like what ya see?'' I nodded. I took off my bra and he was watching I smiled and he smirked I then took off my thongs and got in he did the same. I was about to turn the water on when he stopped me he pushed me against the wall and we made out. I said '' I'm ready'' he said '' are you sure'' I nodded. I wrapped my legs around him and stuck my tongue in his mouth we fought for dominance, he won, he entered me and I moaned he said ''are you ok''  I mumbled 'harder' he nodded and thrusted harder into me. I felt pleasure. He then turned on the water and we bathed each other I was staring at his abs and he was staring at my chest we cuddled together and we got out and laid on the bed I said'' that was my first time'' he replied ''mine too'' I kissed him and he pulled me on top of him. we made out and he got on top of me and thrusted into me.

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