Not Only in Class-complete

When Niall leaves for the X-factor and leaves behind his secretly pregnant girlfriend will they ever make up or will love blossom?


3. Leaving

Savannah's Pov.

 We were going to talk about the wedding plans but when I opened the door I didn't see them I was about to open the door for the bathroom but I heard moaning and harder we all grinned and walked out I asked " Zayn when are we... Ya know......gonna do that?" he replied we can do it right now if you want." I commented "yes please" as I was taking my clothes off I said " will you still love me if I get pregnant or will u be here just for the baby?" he said ' you' I took of my sweater and pants and saw him getting closer. I continued taking my under garments off and was completely naked while I was waiting for him to take off his clothes I was staring at his abs. He was finally done and I kissed him he slid his tongue in my throat an pushed me to the bed where he was on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he said ' are you sure ' I nodded he thrust into me making me moan he kissed me up and down my body while I kissed him behind the ears. He thruster harder in me and pulled out I was now on top of him squeezing his bulge while he was kissing my chest. I kissed his mouth and slid my tongue in his mouth I pulled back and laid on his chest. He said ' that was great' I nodded and smiled.

Liam's Pov.

 I was cooking when Emily came down stairs she started cooking and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. She turned around and said ' That's what mood your in for' I nodded and smiled she kissed me and I deepend the kiss she pushed me to the couch where I took off her shirt and pants I did the same she took off her bra and her underwear and I did the same I kissed her up and down and she moaned I trusted into her and kissed her lips she deepend the kiss and slid her tongue in mine I trusted harder into her and pulled out I pulled her on top of me and she was squeezing my bulge she got up and kissed me which turned into a make out session. We stopped and put are. Clothes back on I got a phone call from Simon saying we needed to leave in five hours for out 5 month tour I told everyone and we were all upset I asked Simon tto see if they could come but he replied no.

~5 hours later~


Madison's Pov.

"girls I think I'm pregnant Emily ran to the pharmacy and got a pregnancy test well 6 in case they are to. I started throwing up and Savannah held my hair back while Emily got the pregnancy tests out the boxes I got up and was about to take the test when Emily and Savannah threw up I said ' yall 2had sex too?' they both nodded we took the pregnancy tests in different bathrooms and they all came back positive.' I'll make an appointment for all of us " Savannah said. 'ok' we replied.

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