Not Only in Class-complete

When Niall leaves for the X-factor and leaves behind his secretly pregnant girlfriend will they ever make up or will love blossom?


6. It's Time!

Madison's Pov.

I'm so excited I just made 9 months pregnant yesterday I should be having the baby oh sorry babies in two weeks. I woke up and was wet and not from sweat 'NIALL!' 'yes?' 'My water broke' ''OK BOYS WE ARE GOING TO THE DELIVERY ROOM!' I hear 4 sets of feet rush up. 'Are u ok?' Yeah


~At the hospital~



Mirabelle, Bree, and Samuel are all here. Niall takes Samuel, Savannah takes Bree, and Emily takes Mirabelle or Belle for short. 'u ok?' ' yeah I'm ok Liam, are u ready for yours?' ''yeah I'm kind of nervous though" 'Don't be it'll be fine' 'yeah you are right' 'when am I not' 'oh shut up'

~3 months later~

We are all finally getting ready for my wedding Savannah is the maid of honor and Emily is the bridesmaid, Liam is the best man and Zayn is the groom's man Bree and Mirabelle are flower girls and Samuel is the ring bearer while Emily and Savannah's kids are being held by them down the isle, Savannah is holding Alexis or Lexie and Zayn is holding Stephanie, Emily is holding Charlotte and Liam is holding their adopted baby boy Matthew. ' Will u Madison take Niall James Horan to take as your beloved wedded Husband?' ''I Do'' 'And will you Niall take Madison Grace Johnson to be your beloved wedded  Wife?' ''I Do'' 'I now pronounce you Husband and wife, you may kiss your bride." 'I love you forever and always' 'Infinity and beyond" and we were now married. I now teach at our old school and Niall visits me everyday I now know he loved me not only in Class.


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