Not Only in Class-complete

When Niall leaves for the X-factor and leaves behind his secretly pregnant girlfriend will they ever make up or will love blossom?


4. How Many!?!?!?

~At doctors~

Madison's Pov.

We entered the doctors office and they called 'Mrs. Payne?' we went in for Emily and they put her on the bed. They rubbed sticky stuff over her stomach and put the machine on her and it showed one. Emily got off and it was my turn I got on and they did the same stuff except mine were 'TRIPLETS!' I yelled. ' yes Mrs. Horan you are having triplets' I got off and started to see what the names would be. Savannah got on and it showed she had twins. We were all happy, we took my Bugatti home and got pieces of paper. I said ' what are y'all naming yours?' Emily said' If its a girl Charlotte Leigh Anne Payne if its a boy Matthew James Payne'' Savannah said'' If its two girls Alexis Faith Malik and Stephanie Elizabeth Malik if its two boy Eli Alexander Malik and Ethan David Malik if its a girl and a boy then Stephanie Elizabeth and Eli Alexander.'' I said'' I'm going to name the girls and I want Niall to name the boys if its three girls I want Isabella Rose Horan, Mirabelle Elizabeth Horan, and Bree Ann Horan if its two girls Bree Ann and Mirabelle Elizabeth if it's only one I want Mirabelle Elizabeth.''

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