We're The Only Way

The hit girl band The Only Way, meets the hit boy band, One Direction. The girls all have boyfriends, but will the boys get in the way of that?


7. Stitches

Virginia's POV

“No. You have no idea what your talking about.” I said laughing.

“Oh I do! You were blushing like crazy when he smiled at you!” Cole said laughing.

“I was not!”

“You were!” Nic added in.

“You are delusional. I was still dating Jake at the time!”

“Doesn't mean you don't have to hots for Niall.” Cole said with a creepy smile.

“I don't!”

“Lies. She's a liar!” Cole shouted.

“We don't go on tour with liars.” Nic said with a laugh.

“Oh shut up.” I said smiling.

“So anyway, how did your boys react when you told them about the tour?” Cole said changing the subject.

“Well I don't know which boys you are talking about, but Chace was really upset about it. But he knows it's part of my job, I just don't think he realized it'd happen so soon. And Austin was so excited, we were talking about all the places we're going to and when he's going to visit.”

“And Cody and I basically did the same thing. How about Josh and Lou?” I asked Cole.

“Well Josh was mad because I never got around to setting him up with someone, but we don't leave for another week, so I still have time! And Louis was sad because we'd be apart, but he understands more than Josh, because he's a singer too.” Nic and I nodded in agreement.

“So we start in Europe, then come back to America.” Nic said confirming our journey.

“Nic, if you don't know this by now, you're seriously not going to get it ever.” Cole said causing me to laugh.

“Shut up!” She said sticking her tongue out at Cole.

Nicole's POV

When the girls and my 'meeting' ended, we all went to do different things, I however was going to visit Josh.

“Oh my gosh! It's Nicole Bonsell for The Only Way! Ms. I Make Promises I Don't Intend To Keep!” Josh said rudely.

“I'm sorry I didn't give you the names right away, but you need to shut the hell up or I won't give you options today.” I said sitting on his couch.

“Fine.” He said pouting.

“Ok, option number one, Miley Cyrus.”

“Isn't she with my buddy Liam Hemsworth?”

“They broke up. I thought he was your 'buddy.'”

“Are you on your period? You're being VERY mean.”

“No, I'm not. I'm just not putting up with bullshit today.”

“What happened Nicole?”

“Nothing happened? I just wish my best friend would be supportive of my career.”

“I am!”

“You're not! I said I'm going on tour and you were pissed about it.”

“Only because I would be without my best friend for 8 months.”

“You can visit me!”

“I'm filming a movie!”

“I get that. But you don't get to be pissed at me for having a career, you knew this would happen eventually.”

“I know I did. But Nicole I love you! You're my best friend, I don't want to be without you for 8 whole months.”

“I know, and I love you Josh, but I have to. And you'll film your movie and I'll come back and I'll be your super hot date to the premier.” I said causing us both to laugh.

“Sounds great.” He said hugging me.

“EW! DON'T HUG ME!” I screamed.

“Let me love you!” I jumped up and started running away from him. “Come back here!” He shouted as he chased me.

“You have cooties! I need to protect myself from them!” I said running into an open door.

“Oh my God! Nicole! Are you all right?” He said looking at the gash on my head.

“I think I'm bleeding.” I said putting my hand on my head.

“You are! Stay calm. Umm I have band aids upstairs, but this is too big. I have to call someone.”

“Just take me to the E.R. We can get stitches and I can get a plastic surgeon to look at it, just to make sure I won't have some crazy scar.”

“Good plan!”

“But get me like a towel or something to help control the bleeding.”

“Ok, I'll be right back!”

“I'll be here.” I said still lying on the ground.

“Ok! I'm back. Here's the towel, let me help you up. I'll take you to the car.” When I stood up I was a tad lightheaded. “I'll carry you!” He said picking me up bridal style.

“Josh, I can walk.”

“No! This is my fault, I'm carrying you.”

“It's my fault. I ran into the door!” I said with a little laugh. “Ow. It hurts to laugh.” I said frowning.

“Then don't! And I'm the one who left the door open.”

“It's my fault. I have the uterus, I have the final opinion.”

“You're so annoying sometimes.” He said smiling.

“I know, but you love me!”

“For some reason I do.”

“I have a movie premier tonight that I was invited to. Wanna come?”

“Josh! I have an open wound on my head! I'll have to get stitches.”

“So, you have hair! Cover them up!”

“Fine. As long as Nic and V can come too.”

“I guess so.”

“YAY!” I shouted. “That was a mistake.” I said holding my head.

When we finished at the hospital I convinced Josh to take me shopping.

“I have to buy dresses for me and the girls!” I said as we walked into my usual dress store.

“You have a closet just for your dresses Nicole, I think you have a problem.”

“Yeah I do. It's called 10 stitches in my head.”

“Fine.” He said throwing his hands up in defeat.

I picked out dresses for the three of us and then we made our way back to my house.

“Thanks for driving me around.” I said to Josh when we arrived at my house.

“No problem! Sorry again for the forehead.”

“It was my fault!” I said laughing a little. “Shit. My car's at your house.” I said looking at my driveway.

“I'll have one of my drivers bring it back for you.”

“Thanks Joshie Poo!”

“Don't ever call me that Colie Belle!”

“That was supposed to be a secret!” I said slapping his head.

“You call me Joshie Poo, I call you Colie Belle.”

“Oh so you want to play like that Joshie Washie?”

“Yeah I do, Nicolie Olie Olie.”

“Joshie Loshie.”

“Sticky Nikki!”

“Pushy Jushie!”

“Icky Nikki.”

“Tushie Jushie!

“You like my tush?”

“Love it. It's literally my new obsession.”

“It's completely understandable.”

“It's a pretty nice tush.”

“Not as nice as mine.”


“Whatever.” I said laughing. “I need to start getting ready. What time are you gonna pick us up?”

“How's 6?”

“Good! Alright see you at 6. Love ya Joshie Poo!”

“Love you too Colie Belle.”

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