We're The Only Way

The hit girl band The Only Way, meets the hit boy band, One Direction. The girls all have boyfriends, but will the boys get in the way of that?


10. Recovery

Nicole's POV

It's been a week since I've gotten out of the hospital. Louis has been pretty clingy, but he's just scared. However, always making these secretive phone calls. I tried to just ignore them. But it was getting ridiculous.

“Louis, why do you keep running off every time your phone rings? What are you hiding from me?”

“I tell you when it's over with.”

“No. Tell me now.” I demanded.

“Ok.” He sat down on the couch next to me. “So when you were in the hospital, your Doctor...”

“Dr. Huges?”

“Yes, Dr. Huges, was giving information to the press about everything that happened, and what was wrong. It's a HIPPA Violation. So Uncle Si and I are working on reporting him.”

“Well did he tell you everything before the press?”

“I don't know. I think so.”

“Then what's the problem?”

“Other than the fact that he's not allowed to do that, he needs to respect your privacy.”

“Louis.” I groaned.

“No Nicole. He's took an oath. It doesn't matter that you're a celebrity. He can't do that!”


“Thank you Love. So how's V doing?”

“I don't know. She doesn't leave her room.”

“How does she eat?”

“Cody brings her food.”


“Yeah. Occasionally you can hear her yell something. But it's really a shame.”

“Yeah, definitely. What would she do if Niall came to visit her?”

“Honestly, I have no idea. Hopefully she'd get out of bed.”


“Really? He's coming?”


“Virginia!” I shouted. “Oo.” I said griping my stomach.

“Are you alright?!”

“Yeah, shouting just hurts my stomach. But I'm ok. I'll go get her.”

“You sure?”

“Yes!” I walked up the stairs and knocked on her door.


“Virginia, you have a special visitor coming!”

“No. Tell them to go away. We had to cancel two months of our tour because of the stupid accident. This is your fault Nicole. And yeah, you had surgery, but I have a broken Ankle, a broken hand, and a broken arm. Like you just have a bad wrist.”

“Virginia, stop the stupid self pity. Ok? Get your ass out of bed because Niall is coming to visit you. And he's not going to like you if you're bitchy. So knock off the attitude and get a shower.”

I said before slamming her door and walking out.

Virginia's POV

Who did she think she was?! She doesn't understand what I'm going through. I have to walk with crutches. Crutches suck. And I have a broken wrist too. So what I didn't need surgery on my breaks. But that didn't mean they didn't hurt. When she said Niall was coming over, I thought I should at least look semi nice. My hair was naturally straight, so I didn't have to worry about straightening it. I threw on some black shorts and a black bandeau bra. Over that I put on a sheer pink crop top, with one shoulder. I put on some natural makeup and a little bit of jewelry. I heard the doorbell ring so I assumed Niall was here. I took one final glance in the mirror. Very nice.

“She's upstairs, I'll go get her.” I heard Nicole say. “V, Niall's here.” She said through my door.


“She should be down in a minute. Louis and I will be upstairs if you need us.” She said coming back upstairs. “V, it'll be ok.” She whispered through my door.

I made my way down the stairs and saw Ni sitting on my couch.

“Virginia!” He said coming over to greet me.

“Hi Niall.” I said sitting down on the couch.

“How are you doing?”

“I'm alright. Sore, but not in too much pain.” I said with a small smile.

“Well that's good. You look beautiful by the way.”

“Thank you. It's nothing really special.” I said blushing.

“Still. Beautiful.”

“Well thank you. So why'd you come visit?”

“I wanted to make sure you were doing ok.”

“I'm fine.”

“I can see that.”


“Is this awkward?” Niall asked.

“Yeah, kind of.”

“That's what I thought!” Niall said laughing. He had a great laugh. It was so cute.

“Well how do you like LA?”

“It's ok. I mean I love Ireland, and London. But this is definitely tied for second with London.”

“I've always wanted to go to Ireland, and we were going to on the tour!”

“Well that part of your tour wasn't canceled was it?”

“No. But we did have a day off there, and now I don't know if we will because we're going to try and make up some of our canceled dates.”

“Oh, well maybe I could take you sometime.” Niall said boldly.

“Wow. Um. Yeah, sounds great.” I said trying to find the right words.

“So how is everyone coping with the accident?”

“I don't really want to talk about the accident.” I said looking down. “But Cole hasn't spoken to Josh since the accident. And Chace is really clingy of Nic, as is Lou with Cole.”

“Oh..Well isn't Jake clingy with you then?”

“Umm, Jake and I actually broke up. About two weeks ago actually.”

“I'm sorry.”

“It's ok. But let's talk about something else.”

“Sounds good.”

“So did you know I can sing?” I said laughing.

“What?! Really?!” He said also laughing.

“Yeah, I'm in this SUPER popular band, you've probably heard of them? The Only Way?”

“They sound familiar.”


“I can't believe I'm meeting a celebrity!”

“Would you like a photo?”

“YES!” We took a photo together with my iPhone. 

Nic's POV

“Chace! I'm fine! I wasn't even hurt in the accident!”

“But I want to take care of you. You're my little girl.” He said kissing my head.

“That makes it sound like I'm your daughter. Which is awkward.”

“True. So Nic do you think we can make this official? Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Chace, I'm flattered, but you're only asking because I was in a car accident.”

“No! I've wanted this, but I didn't want to push you. But we've been dating for about a month, but I want it to be a relationship.”

“Chace. I can't. Not right now.”

“Is there someone else?”

“No! But I just don't think we're ready for a relationship right now. Especially with me going on tour in two months.”

“That's two whole months Nic.”

“Chace. My answer is no. I'm sorry.”

“Leave.” He said pointing to the door.


“Leave. If you don't want a relationship, we can't casually date.”

“It wasn't casual dating.”

“Just go. Please.”

“Fine.” I scoffed before gathering my things and leaving. When I arrived home I saw V asleep on Niall's chest, who was also asleep. Ok. Weird. I walked upstairs and knocked on Cole's door. She didn't answer so I opened it a little.

“Cole?” I whispered. I saw her lying in bed, Lou's arms wrapped around her. Both of them sleeping. Now I started to long for that relationship with Chace, but I knew I had made the right decision saying no. I walked back to my room and checked my twitter.

“@HarryStyles: So I think that @NicoleWalzer should explain why my boys are hooking up with her girls.”

“@NicoleWalzer: @HarryStyles, because we're perfect why else?” As I typed back to him I laughed. I was so funny!

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