We're The Only Way

The hit girl band The Only Way, meets the hit boy band, One Direction. The girls all have boyfriends, but will the boys get in the way of that?


32. Moving Day

Nicole's POV


It's been two days since the incident. I sat by Louis' side the entirety of the two days. I only left him to go the restroom and shower of course. I had food brought to me, I know I sounded spoiled, but I couldn't bare to leave Lou. I held his hand and talked to him, singing occasionally. Harry was sleeping on the floor, propped up against a wall, with Nic in his arms. V was lying next to a window, Niall in the chair beside her. Liam was laying on the floor at the foot of the bed. Zayn and Perrie shared the small loveseat and I had a chair to myself. I was the only one awake. Occasionally the doctors or nurses would come in and check on Louis. I caught myself slowly drifting off. I was awoken by some laughing, and I think, crying?


“Hello love!” Louis said quietly.


“Y- You-You're alive? And awake?” Silent tears left my eyes.


“Babe, don't cry!” He placed a small kiss on my hand.


“Why didn't you guys wake me when the doctor was taking Lou out of his coma?!”


“We know you haven't been sleeping, we wanted you to rest!” Harry said trying not to laugh.


“My boyfriend was being taken out of his coma and you wanted me to rest?”


“It's ok Nicole, you know how much I love to watch you sleep.”


“Creepy.” I said in my best Valley Girl impression.


“Aw, come on, you know I love you.”


“I know. And I love you too.” I said kissing his hand.


“That's enough love birds!” Nic said stiffing a laugh.


“Whoa Nic! Her boyfriend just came out of a coma, if they wanted to fuck right now, you let them!” V said defending me, causing everyone, including Nic to laugh. I sent her an approving nod.


“Ok ew.” Nic said covering her ears.


“Excuse me everybody, can you give us some privacy.” The doctor said walking in.


“Immediate family only.”


“Doc, they're all my immediate family.”


“Well pick one person.”


“Don't pick! We'll leave you and Cole to speak with the doctor.” Liam said pushing everyone out.


“So you're making a spectacular recovery! But you still need to take it easy. You lost a lot of blood, and quite frankly, it's a miracle you're even alive. You'll have to make regular appointments with your normal doctor.”


“Can do.”


“Ms. Bonsell, can I assume you'll help him out with this?”




“Alright, I'd like to keep you one more night for observation.”


“That's fine. So I get to leave tomorrow?”


“If all goes well tonight!”


“Thank you so much!” I said shaking the doctor's hand.


I decided I was going to get Louis' and my house ready for us to live in for when he came home. I got the boy's help moving heavy stuff while the girls sat with Louis, then when the stuff was transferred, I had the girls help decorate. I had hired professional painters the day before and paid them double for them to finish by today. The guys were sitting with Louis, we were basically ready to move in, but now that everything was done, it was all kind of surreal. I was moving in with Louis. We'd only been dating for about 7 months, and while yes things were moving quickly, it didn't even phase me. I was head over heels in love with Louis.


I went back to the house to get all of my clothes, one positive, Niall and V actually packed up my closet. I transported them to my new house and just put the boxes in the closet, I figured Louis and I could unpack them later. One downside of the perfect house, it's driveway was literally half a mile long. My future kids were probably going to hate me, they'd have to walk up and down that for the bus, whoops? I made my way down the drive way and returned to the hospital. They told me Louis could be discharged in a few minutes, once they brought us the paperwork.


“So Louis, I have a surprise for you at home.”


“A puppy?!”


“No definitely not a puppy, better!”


“A pony?!”


“I didn't get us a pet babe, let's just say we don't have to worry about the blood stains...”


“You had the floor redone?”


“Stop guessing!”


“Fine.” He said fake pouting.




“Nicole, where are we going?”


“Well we've made some progress on our house, I want you to see before we go home. But first...” I handed him a blindfold to place across his eyes.


“You don't expect me to wear this, do you?”


“Of course I do!”


“Only because I love you. But I'm not putting this on until we get there.”


“Fair enough.” I smirked at my small victory.




“Blindfold on.”


“Fine.” He put on his blindfold and I made sure he couldn't see, then we got to the front door.


“Ready?” I opened the door, took his hand and led him in. “Welcome home babe.” I took off his blindfold and looked at his amazement.


“For real?”


“For real. It's been the longest few days of my life, and we still have unpacking to do. I hired professional painters, who worked their asses off, and I believe they had EVERYONE from the company here, painting. I bought our furniture online, I had it shipped, Nic told them where to place it. The boys took the stuff that was mine, that I wanted from the old house and moved it in here. The girls and I decorated.”



“So that's where everyone was when they weren't with me.”


“Yes! We did this all for you!”


“Nicole! I love you so much.” I gave him a light peck, afraid of hurting him. “We need to talk babe. Come sit down.”


“What is it?”


“Are you ok?”


“I'm fine, why?”


“I think you should go to therapy. I know being kidnapped can't exactly be healthy for you.”


“I don't need therapy.”


“Do it for me sweetie. I'm going to therapy also.”


“Do you feel like you can't talk to me?” I said frowning.


“I was shot love. Yes I know I can talk to you, you're wonderful to talk to, but at the end of the day, I know professional help will be better. And if it makes you feel any better Nic's agreed to go.”




“Yes. She's shaken up. Harry said that she hasn't really been able to sleep. She never leaves his side.”


“But I'm not that shaken up.”


“I know you're afraid of me getting hurt again. Not only were you kidnapped, the love of your life was almost taken from you. I know you want to seem strong, but it's ok to not be ok.”


“I have to be strong. For you, for me, for the girls, the fans. I can't break.” I said holding back emotions.

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