We're The Only Way

The hit girl band The Only Way, meets the hit boy band, One Direction. The girls all have boyfriends, but will the boys get in the way of that?


17. Motivation

Cole's POV

“Nicole!” I whined. “I'm hungry!”

“Then go get some food.” She said point blankly.

“But it's so much work!”

“Really? It's so much work to walk ten feet and find food?”

“Yes! And I'm busy!”

“Oh really? What's making you so busy you won't even get up for food?”

“I'm reading fan fiction.”


“TOW. And 1D. And TOW combined with 1D. It's all very interesting really.”

“Tell me about a fan fic you're reading.”

“Ok, well there's this one where this girl becomes my best friend and she was like secretly using me to get closer to Louis but then I found out her plan and confronted her about it and she was like crying and freaking out. And then  became a real big bitch and was basically like fuck you. And never spoke to her again. Very great ending!” I said sarcastically.

“Oh my gosh. Tell me about one that involves me!”

“Ok well there was this one were you were secretly sleeping with Zayn and Harry. But you actually were dating Liam! It was totes cray cray.” I said laughingly.

“Oh my.”

“Oh here's one where you and Virginia are married.”

“That's enough!”

“I thought that'd do the trick!” I said laughing.

“I don't think our fans understand that we ACTUALLY do read fan fics.”

“Exactly! I'm getting a good kick from these though. I just read one written by a boy Wayling!” I said cheerfully.

“I love boy Waylings!” Nic squealed.

“Me too! But anyway, basically the way we met was how I met Lou.” I said laughing. “It says, AND I QUOTE!” I said dramatically. “'What the fuck? You just ruined my perfectly good cup of coffee!' She said not even looking up at me. 'I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to. And your shirt is ruined. Fuck! I'm such a screw up!' I said looking at her. When suddenly she looked up, her beautiful blue eyes being a perfectly icy blue today, instead of a bright bold blue that I'm used to seeing, pierced my soul. The days that she had those blue eyes were the days I had the strongest Nicole feels. I loved the way her eyes changed shades of blue. 'It's ok. I should have been paying more attention.' She said biting her bottom lip. Damn she was perfect. 'Let me buy you another drink. What was it?' I said leading her to the register. 'You don't have to b-' I cut her off. 'I ran into you. It's the least I can do.' I demanded nicely. She let out a small sigh. 'A skinny vanilla iced latte.' She flashed a quick smile. Nicole Bonsell just smiled, AT ME! I fan boyed a little on the inside. 'Since you bought this, I'm buying dinner. Tomorrow. 8:30. Pick me up at this address.' She said typing her address in my phone. 'And text this number.' She said smiling.”

“Boy Waylings!” Nic squealed again.

“Nicole, I'm still hungry.”

“Ugh. You're so high maintenance!” She said rolling her eyes.

“I know. Honestly I have no idea how you, V, or Louis put up with me! I mean my parents have to, but seriously.”

“We put up with you because we love you!” She said laughing.

“For some reason!” I said laughing along.

“PENNSYLVANIA HERE WE COME BITCHES!” Virginia shouted walking out of the bedroom.

“Did that just now register with you?” Nic asked confused.

“No, but I'm so excited. Going back and visiting our school!”

“Oh speaking of that, the Principal asked if we could give them a speech about never giving up your dreams and basically say how we're proof that hard work pays off.” I informed the girls.

“Ugh! That's so much work!”

“I know, but at least we can see all our old friends, since you know they're still seniors and juniors and what not!”

“True.” Nic said.

We all decided to take naps. When I woke up we had just entered PA and the other girls were still sleeping. We were about three hours from our home town. Hank was going to meet us at the school since he was also from PA he decided to visit his family before.

We finally arrived at our high school. I woke up the girls and gave them their outfits. Our tour bus was casually sitting in front of the school while we got ready. We finished about 15 minutes later, a record for us. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I looked out the window, it was Louis, Harry and Niall.

“What are you boys doing here?! And how'd you find it?” I asked in awe.

“Well we knew where you girls were from, and you told us what school you went to, it was pretty simple actually.” Harry explained.

“And we're here because Zayn and Perrie wanted to celebrate their engagement, and Liam was busy doing something, so we have the rest of the week off!” Louis said happily.

“Well I'm glad we get to show you boys off. We've got some fine arm candy girls.” Virginia said laughing.

“True that! Well let's go, we should get going!” I said taking Louis' hand as he helped me out of the bus. “So girls, we're going to do this speech about 3 times. It will be modified obviously, but it'll be the same idea. We're doing it for High School, for Middle School, and they're bringing all the elementary students up. It's going to be chaotic.”

“Sounds like it.” Nic said pushing the buzzer to be guaranteed entrance into the school. We were ushered directly to the auditorium where we saw our old best friend, Dillon.

“DILLON!” I shouted giving him a hug.

“OH MY GOD! NICOLE! You're guys are our special guests today?!”

“You didn't know that?” The girls and I said simultaneously.

“No! It's basically the best kept secret ever.” Dillon said hugging me.

“I missed you! Oh and meet our boyfriends, Louis, Harry, and Niall!” I said smiling.

“Girl! I'm so happy for you. I know how obsessed you always were with the boys.” He said laughing.

“Thanks, and Boys, this is Dillon!”

“Hi Dillon.” They all said politely.

“Ok, well you've all been in drama so you know how these mics work.” He said handing us the familiar mic packs.

“Thanks.” We all said.

“Now, go on stage and test them. We're going to have you on stage anyway.”

“Ok!” I said leading us to the front where we hopped up on the stage like we'd done so many times before.

“Ok, Cole, you're first.”

“Alright! Um what to say. Hello! I'm Nicole, most of you probably remember me, and if not I'm sure you've heard of me.”

“You're good, V.”

“I'm gonna tell a story. Once upon a time there was a man from...”

“You're good, Nic.”

“I swear girls, if you do your old lady impression!”

“Good. You can just chill up there, we're gonna close the curtain because we want it to be a surprise that it's you girls. And when they come in we're going to have Out of Darkness playing, and I'll radio back when we're going to stop playing it then you girls should continue it, live!”

“Sounds fun!” Nic said excitedly.

“Oh and boys, you can sit backstage!” Dillon said, walking towards the stage. “There are some random seats back there...”

“There used to be a super comfy couch back there! If it's still there can we pull it on stage and sit on it?!”

“Sure.” Dillon said laughing.

“Yay! Let's go look for it!” Virginia shouted to me.

“Grade 9, please report to the auditorium, teachers please escort your students.” We heard over the loudspeaker.

“I gotta get back there. Cole close the curtain please?”

“On it!”

“I found the couch!” V said pulling it on stage.

“Good luck love.” Louis said pulling me in for a kiss, Harry and Niall doing the same with Nic and V.

“Grade 10 please report to the auditorium, teachers please escort your students.”

We all took our seats on the couch before I realized someone had to open the curtain for us.

“Louis! Come here.” I said by the ropes.


“When Dillon says the music's gonna stop, radio back if you should open the curtain. If he says no, he'll tell you when, then wait. But if he says yes, then go for it. You just pull the rope. And if nothing is happening, you pull the other rope.”

“Got it!”

“Grades 11 and 12 please report to the auditorium, teachers please escort your students.”

About two minutes later Dillon said they were cutting the music. Louis was instructed to wait until we got to the chorus again to open the curtain. We took over singing and got to the chorus as Louis slowly opened the curtain. Everyone started cheering. It was just as good as being at a concert.

“Hello everyone! Most of you probably know me, or have heard of me, but I'm Nicole Bonsell and I'm in the famous band The Only Way.” There was more cheering.

“I'm Virginia Hillman!”

“And I'm Nicole Walzer.”

“We were asked to talk to you all about dreams and hard work. And of course we said yes!” Virginia said happily.

“So the main thing is basically, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Being famous was a far off dream of the girls and mine. But we worked hard, and here we are.” I explained.

“The key is hard work. You can't just be slacking and expect your wildest dream to come true.” Nic said.

“There is a reason for everything, like if I wasn't given homework one night, I wouldn't have been procrastinating by looking up how to audition for the X Factor. And I'd be where you all right now.” I said laughing.

“But for real, how many of you have ever wanted to be famous, a doctor, an astronaut or a ballerina?” Virginia said. “Raise your hands.” Hands shot up.

“Exactly. Most of you raised your hands. How many of you still plan on perusing that?” Most of the kids dropped their hands.” Nic said.

“Why is that? At what age do we stop dreaming? At what age do we stop believing in ourselves. Because I know for a fact that if you put your mind to something, you can do it! We all grow up wanting to be a princess or something unrealistic. But why is it unrealistic?! Yeah you might find it hard to be a princess, but who says you have to be a princess in a logical sense? Because I also know for a fact that if you find someone who makes you really happy, you can be their prince or princess! And bam! Goal achieved. And why do teachers, role models and parents try and talk you out of your dreams? As Walt Disney said 'All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!' And it's true. Forget what everyone's ever said to you. If you want to be a ballerina, YOU GO BE A BALLERINA!” I said over excitedly.


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