Forbidden Love

Alex Garcia Monroe is falling hard for the high school bad boy named Justin. One day, Justin and her hook up and begin to date but her mother doesn't approve. She really loves Justin but she loves her mom too. Will she run away? Will she stay?


13. Telling Mom (all Alex's pov)


Before I left to go home, Justin asked for my number and he drove me home (I don't drive everyday to school). When I got home, I went up to my room and I waited for my mom to get home. 

10:00 PM

My mom came home and I was still up. "Hi mamita. How was school? Did that Justin jerk bother you?" she said.

"Hey mom. About Justin, we need to talk."

"What happened?"

"Mom, you know in the play I had to kiss Justin for school, nothing like that right."

"Yes, I could understand that"

"Well there was something more behind the kiss. Umm... I am dating Justin."

"No you're not you are breaking up with him tomorrow."

"No I'm not. I love him!" I yelled.

"I do not accept this Alex!"

"You can't control me anymore I'm 16"

"I don't approve of Justin!"

"Fine! I'm not breaking up with him just because you want to please your selfish self!" I ran up to my room and cried myself to sleep. I love Justin and my mom can't control who I love. I have my own life and my mom can't just tell me who I can and can't be with.

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