Forbidden Love

Alex Garcia Monroe is falling hard for the high school bad boy named Justin. One day, Justin and her hook up and begin to date but her mother doesn't approve. She really loves Justin but she loves her mom too. Will she run away? Will she stay?


8. Rehearsal

(A/N I'm just going to do a chapter on one rehearsal but this the rehearsal where actual love comes in. I hope you like it.)


This is the final rehearsal before the play tonight. I think I'm starting to fall for Justin but I think that this is just what Justin wants me to feel so he can just try to get in my pants again. I feel so confused because I feel like those kisses are out of real love. I don't know if Justin feels the same way about me though. I think he does because outside of the auditorium, he acts like the nicest sweetest person in the whole school. My thoughts were interrupted when Justin came up to me and told me that we were told we were next to practice our kissing scene. 


I'm feeling really nervous, but it's not about the play. It's about Alex, I kissed her a whole bunch of times and I don't think I was acting when it was supposed to be out of love. But Mrs. Westly disturbed my thoughts by telling me that it was time to practice the kissing scene one last time before the play tonight. This is the second to last time I will be able to kiss Alex, but I think I love her but I don't know if she feels the same.


Justin has been acting different lately and every time he walks past Alex, he starts shaking. I think my boy is in love. 

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