The One And Only -Twilight Mateing-

This is about the Volturi and The Cullen's Here are the new children -Bella and Edward Nessi and Cammron- -Alice and Jasper Juliet and Taylor- -Emmett and Rose Kassy and Josh- -Esma and Carlisle Emma and Lily and Ezra- Mates with Volturi their is also a few new Members adopted by Esma and Carlisle -Mathew, Carla , Henry - -Carla's daughter Angle and her twin brother Lane- That is all the3 mates now.... -Juliet Alec- -Taylor Felix- -Jane Josh- -Lily Aro- -Caius Emma - -Leah and Lane- -Paul and angle- and a few more...This is about the Volturi come to kill the new children but something is stopping them and they will only tell Read Meeeeee


1. They May a well come

I looked down at my twin sister "Taylor come on lets go hunting Please." I begged her and then I smiled me and my sister looked the same but she has Blue eyes and I have Green and she has brown hair and I have Blound hair but Either than that we are twins I smiled at her we both have gifts we can all Copy others gifts just by looking at them all the kids have this same gift so we all have the same gifts its kind of cool but since we all have the same gifts as the adults all of them I mean we just look at them and we have them Its Amazing Grandpa says that all of the kids have it I pulled out my I phone 5 and started listing to my music as we ran in two the woods and I found a Elk and got it "Tay are you ready to go back or do you want to keep going?" I asked her and she smiled my sister I have a plan smile "what's up?" I asked her and she dint lisone "Nothing lets get back." she said but before we could we heard a snap "Oh No someone's here Tay." I said I must have looked scared but I wiped it off my face and then I saw Them a Flash of black and red Came to us.



Alec's Pov: I Saw them and looked at Felix '' they should be easy to get Master Aro will be happy." I smirked at him and he rolled his eyes so I ran at full vamp speed straight to them I smelled their blood but also they smelled like us Vampires I saw a red rose and a pink Rose and a Blue one wow they must love Roses cause were they were looking down their were tunes of different colours    I grabbed the one with blound hair her sister had curly brown she had wavy they layed in ringlets she is beautiful what am I thinking its a hybrid I bared my fangs at it but she dint do anything she just stared at me scared her green eyes becoming purple what is wrong with me "What are You doing.?'' I hissed at her and then my senses were gone and so was Felix's "What are you doing?!" the one Felix was holding laughed "We all of the Cullen kids but Nessie can Copy powers all of use so we have tunes and we just copied yours sir know who are you we can control the four elements and were going to use earth to hold you were you are and ask who you are." she said and we were held but we could see smell and move a bit the trees held us were we are...


Juliet's Pov: "Who ARE YOU WHY ARE YOU HERE" I asked them It was the one that held me who spoke "I am Alec Volturi and that is Felix Volturi we are two of the high ranking grads to the  3 leaders Aro Caius And Marcuse sent to make sure the only one Hybrid is okay not all of how many are there of you?" he finished I looked at Taylor and then back "I am Juliet and this is my Twin Taylor we are both 4 we are the youngest of our family and theirs more then just us and Nessie  There is Cammron Ness brother and then theirs Kassy and Josh Emmet and Roses kids were are Juliet and Taylor as you know Alice and Jaspers little baby girls we are the ones who get everything we want and then theirs Esma's and Carlisle's Emma Lily And Ezra and then theirs the new additions they are siblings and all changed at 18 Carla Has two kids Angel and Lane and then Mathew and Henry they Carla Math and Hen are sibling's and that's it do you have a sibling?" I looked at the one they call Alec "Yes a Twin sister she's like you two you have different colour hair she has blound as I have Dark Brown almost Black." he shrugged "If we let you go do you Promise not to hurt us," we looked both in the eyes they look at each other then nod and we let them down we just stand their looking at all the roses talking and getting to know each other I really like them their very nice to us "Thank you we have to go.'" we smiled at them and hugged each one twice and then ran off... This is when It happens their coming is what Alec said they come tomorrow .

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