The One And Only -Twilight Mateing-

This is about the Volturi and The Cullen's Here are the new children -Bella and Edward Nessi and Cammron- -Alice and Jasper Juliet and Taylor- -Emmett and Rose Kassy and Josh- -Esma and Carlisle Emma and Lily and Ezra- Mates with Volturi their is also a few new Members adopted by Esma and Carlisle -Mathew, Carla , Henry - -Carla's daughter Angle and her twin brother Lane- That is all the3 mates now.... -Juliet Alec- -Taylor Felix- -Jane Josh- -Lily Aro- -Caius Emma - -Leah and Lane- -Paul and angle- and a few more...This is about the Volturi come to kill the new children but something is stopping them and they will only tell Read Meeeeee


2. Here they Are

I ran in to my room Tay following "Hey sis they will  be back don't worry ." trying to make me fell better we gave them our numbers so they can text us and then my phone beeped


Alec<3:Hey are you worried don't be okay nothing will happen to you...I Promise you okay... 

I looked at it awhile before I responded to it and then sighed and typed back.


ME<3:Okay If you say so I Miss you.

I don't know why but it hurts with out him very badly "Hey are you hungry for some yogurt?" I asked Taylor and she nodded I looked at the vase of Roses me Tay Alec and Felix picked they Picked Blue ones while me and Tay picked different colours   they are different their Rain Bow Roses "Lets go" we ran out the room in two the living room when a Knock rang through "I Got it" Cammron with his dark brown hair and Hazle eyes came down and opened to revile a man no 3 men with long hair the one at the front talked they all had long black robes falling threw "Why are you wearing a dress?" I asked the Blound one he looked at me with disgust on is face (rude god just asking.) I thought to my self "They are not a dress they are ROBES" he said the last pat a bit mean Right then Emmet ran in with a stuffed bunny wearing a tut and all kind of girly thing " Witch on of you monsters ruined MR SUGGLES I couldn't help it I started laughing "They-They went up-up stairs" I giggled falling to the floor in laughter then I saw that he ran upstairs "God you could swear my uncle was A girl in a guy suit." I heard Taylor Giggle "Know what do you want huh Mr OH IM A GUY IN A DRESS." I asked him trying not to laugh I see the one on the other side he has dark brown hair and its curly smirking "I am Juliet this is my twin Taylor we can copy powers well actually all of us can but not Nessie she is mad about that but me and Tay and everyone else think its cool that all of us have the same gift." I shrugged "I am Aro this is Caius and Marcus." he said still doing a creepy smile Tay laughed again (Stay out of my head) I yelled from my head at her "know why are you here?" I asked them this seemed to bring them up to speed "Yes we came to check out the new ones aka Hybrid's." he said simply "well we don't want to speak to you so bye-bye now.!" I said and went to close the door but someone put their foot before it "Jul please I promise it well be over before you know it" I Heard Alec's voice its his foot I opened the door just a bit to see his face smiling at me I smiled back at him and opened it all the way me and Taylor hugged him and Felix "come in then." I sighed i couldn't just leave them out their when it was Felix and Alec " Alec do you want something to drink O O- O+ any of those ?" I asked him but it was a girl who answered me "o+ if that's okay." she said and I nodded and left the room Tay running upstairs fro Grandpa I came back and everyone in the family was standing in a circle not sitting as the Volturi were "who wanted blood" I asked and A blound girl raised her hand with a smirk "Here you go." I handed the cup to her and she sipped and said thank you "Before you ask Aro yes I can Copy peoples giftes me my sister and the rest of the younger people can but Nessie can not so stop thinking it its giving me a Headache Okay." I said rubbing my temples walking to my dad   he put his arm around me I looked up and smiled. As i was walking to the kitchen that night Alec was cooking it was midnight I walked in two see him drinking OJ "Hey are you okay I mean I though you kind dint do like me and my kind?" I asked him he laughed and nodded his head as the blound girl sat down beside me "You can control people make them do what you want you and your sister compel the others so they cant copy it right?''' she asked me I smiled at her "yes i can also pros wade you to do anything I want but I cant make people find their mates." I shrugged and smiled at her I like her "I like you your cool What's your name mines Juliet yours?" she looked at me a second and then answered me "Jane i am Alec's twin sister." she smiled at him and I looked back their was no Resemblent I nodded and then back I walked up to Alec and Moved the chair with out one hand "I can also move things my sister cant do that I can do a lot of things my sister can do one thing I cant though she can..." I trailed off and then i heard her say "well what is it." I stopped and copied her power " Help you find your Mate." I said "I can also we can copy each others powers but compel the others so they cant do that we can also Transport are selves just far an off out of our enemas reach." I said shrugging helping Alec cook for me "You know I can also make thing appear when I think about it Like this." Makes a banana appear "I can do this no one else can my sister and cousin's try copying it but it dint work I kind of just felt a tingle and then it was a shock like a forceful it kind of made me giggle." I sighed and flipped it all and then made Alec sit since he had no Fucken Clue what to do "Oh cool." she sighed I knew she was happy with her find but not Alec something their not telling me....And Im going to find out ...


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