Lily Potter and the attacker from Tonsadore

I'm Lily Potter. Yep, Daughter of Harry Potter. This will be my first year of Hogwarts, along with my best friend, Hugo Weasley. My dad and mum never told me about why they were apparently 'Famous'... I had to find that out on my own... In more ways then one...


3. The Strange Group



"Girls dormitories on the left. Boys, same on your right." said a prefect. We were in the Gryffindor common room. I had actually been in here before. Around maybe... 3 or 4 years ago. But that's a different story. But anyways, Hugo had been making fun of me, saying "I guess I do see the Slytherin in you sometimes." I answered him by rolling my eyes at him. Apparently everyone could hear what the sorting hat was saying. But that didn't make any sense to me. I couldn't hear what the sorting hat was saying to anyone else!

"I'm going to bed, Lily." Said Hugo. "Me too." added Jake and followed Hugo up the staircases on the right. I didn't feel like going to sleep quite yet. I pulled out 'A beginners guide to transfiguration' and began reading. I wasn't supposed to be doing magic outside of the classroom, but who would know? The only person in the common room was Billy Longbottom. But he wouldn't tell anyone. He was my friend. In fact, when I was putting my stuff away, he asked me if I could show him how to do that.

"Um, why don't you wait until your actual lessons?" I said as I gathered my stuff and headed to the girls dormitory. The only reason I know magic already was because my parents, and professor McGonagall thought it would be a good idea. It wasn't just me though. At least, I think James and Albus learned before they went off to Hogwarts as well.

I gave Billy one last smile before I ran up the stairs into the first year dormitory. It seemed as if everyone was already asleep. There was only three other girls there. I sighed. I actually wanted to meet them, you know, make a friend who's a... well... a GIRL for once.

I grabbed my luggage and opened it up next to the empty bed. As I pulled out robes and potion ingredients and threw them into the small dresser next to the bed. Under a few robes, I found a leather bound book. I was sure that I never had a book like that before. I sat down on my bed and opened the book. Empty. Each page was blank. It seemed to be a journal or a notebook of some kind. But how did this end up in my luggage? I had my luggage charmed. No one alive could open the luggage except for me... I looked at the front page of the journal. In the top corner of the page, was a name, written in almost a rush,

Tom Riddle


I woke up the next day, still in my school robes, with the journal laying open on top of my chest. I must have been sleepier then I thought.

I looked back down at the book, and at the name. Tom Riddle... Where have I heard that before? Oh well. Its mine now. I threw the book into the unpacked luggage and fixed my hair. I looked around the common room. Everyone seemed to have left already, except for one girl who was sitting on her bed reading a book.

"I thought you'd never wake up." She said as she put down her book. "I was going to wait for you to wake up. I'm supposed to give you this." She handed me an red and gold envelope. "Thanks." I mumbled, still a little groggy. I grabbed the envelope and shoved it into my robe pocket. I didn't feel like reading it at the moment.

I hopped down the stairs into the common room. "What took you so long!?" asked Hugo. Him and Jake seemed to have been waiting for me. "Sorry. slept in late" I said and Hugo rolled his eyes at me. "Well bloody baron, Lily. Sleeping in on your first day at Hogwarts!" Now I rolled my eyes at him. Jake looked at both of us. "You guys sure seem like you hate each other." I turned to him and smiled. "This is just how we show our love!" He tilted his head at us.

We were standing  in front of the bulletin board, next to the fat ladies portrait.

"Quiditch tryouts next week. Are you trying out, Lily?" I playfully shoved him. "You know first years can't tryout." "And how come? I mean, your dad was a seeker in his first year!" I looked at him surprised. "He was!?" He looked at me confused. My dad never tells me anything...

"Hey... Lily..." I turned around from the bulletin board. It was Jake. "That kids looking at you..." I turned around. There was a boy, probably around his 5th year. I immediately seemed to hate him. "What do you want?!" I sort of yelled at him. A small smile appeared on his face. "I think you know." he said as he walked away. I drew a sharp breath and immediately threw my hand into my pocket. My wand was there. But... How did he know about it? or...was that even what he was talking about? Jake shook my shoulder. "Lily? Are you okay?" "Um, yeah. Come on guys, we better get to potions class..."


Professor Slughorn was saying something, but I wasn't really paying attention. Potions was easy for me. All you had to do was follow a few instructions. Well... I sort of mix them up every once in a while... About three times every potion... Sometimes more...But it always seemed to work out. I think Albus told Slughorn how I didn't follow the instructions in potions, because he always seemed to be lecturing me about that kinda stuff. It also didn't seem like he liked me very much. He liked my brother Albus a lot. Albus was even in the slug club. But he says that that's just because he's good at potions.

"Miss Potter!" I snapped out of my daydreams. "Yes sir!?" "Can you repeat what I just said?" I blinked at him a few times. "Um... I....You" I couldn't think of what to say to him. I mean, how do you say 'No I didn't feel the need to pay attention to your most boring lecture, Professor.' Professor Slughorn sighed and turned his back to the classroom. I looked over at Hugo who shrugged. Slughorn turned back around. "If you were paying attention, you would know that a bezoar, is a stone taken from the stomach of an-" "Goat sir." He looked at me surprised. "It is a stone, taken from a goat, that acts as an antidote to most poisons. Correct, sir?" He raised his eyebrows at me and nodded. "Maybe you were listening. I apologize. 5 points to Gryffindor." Once he turned his back to the class, I turned around to Hugo and Jake. I laughed at the look on their faces and then turned back around. I told you didn't I? I'm pretty good at potions.

"How did you know that?" asked Jake, as we headed to Herbology. "Know what?" "You know! The thing about the bezoar or whatever." I laughed a little. "Oh. I read a little bit about it on the train." I lied.

It was raining outside, so we were rushing to the greenhouses. "You know, I've been thinking about your parents not being there at the station the other day." Hugo said. "Yeah?" I said, not completely paying attention.  "I think we should send them a letter during dinner tonight." When he said that, something in the back of my mind came back to me. "The letter!" I said and pulled my hand into my pocket, reaching for the red envelope. It wasn't there. "What?" Hugo asked, confused. "...Nothing." I muttered and continued walking to the greenhouses. The ground was getting slippery, and our shoes were sticking in the mud. Once we reached the greenhouse, which really wasn't too far away from the castle, nobody noticed that we were late, because Professor Longbottom was scolding A student for dropping a jar of mistletoe berries on the floor. The three of us quickly took our seats without him noticing. Although, when he looked over at us, he raised his eyebrows and gave us a small smile. "Now, please take out your textbook, 'Magical Water Plants.' In a few weeks, we'll be heading down to the ocean where we'll be looking for a plants, to repot, and use as stunning solution." I pulled out my textbook and dropped it onto the table. "What page, sir?" I asked. "Twenty four." He answered. I flipped the pages, one by one. The page was titled 'Clasping Leaf Pondweed.' "Hey, isn't this the thing we had to use on Rose when she was bitten by that huge spider?" I asked Hugo. "Yeah. It was that thing that Aunt Ginny made us go to the pond to get. it took us hours to just get the right one!"

"Now, can anyone tell me what clasping leaf pondweed does?" Hugo raised his hand and answered correctly and got Gryffindor another 5 points.  

During dinner Hugo wrote a letter and we climbed up to the owlery. I gave the letter to my owl and told him to bring it to my house. I watched as it disappeared among the darkening sky.

"Hey, Lily!" Hugo called, from the other side of the owlery. he was looking outside at the ground. "Come here! Quick!" I  ran over to him and followed his gaze towards the ground. "Look, There. Near the forbidden forest." There were three figures dressed in black cloaks, walking into the forbidden forest. I held my breath and leaned forward. What could they be doing? They looked like adults. But we were pretty high up. They could easily be students. "Well... Why are they going towards the forbidden forest?" I asked Hugo. He shrugged. Suddenly one of cloaked figures looked up at me. "Hugo..." I mumbled. Suddenly Hugo grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to the ground out of sight of the figures. I looked at Hugo. "We have to tell Professor McGonagall." I told him.

After a few minutes, we dared to peak over the window. They had disappeared into the forest. We both jumped up and ran down the steps, falling once or twice, as the steps were still slippery from the rain. I jumped over the last four steps and ran through corridors with Hugo behind me. I didn't know why I was in such a rush. But I didn't stop until I realized something. I immediately stopped and Hugo almost ran straight into me. "What!?" He asked annoyed. "Where IS the headmasters office!?" I asked. He looked down at the ground and did his well known 'thinking face'. He looked back up at me and shrugged. I turned back around and grabbed Hugo's wrist. "C'mon! We'll go to Hagr-" I started. But I had ran into someone. I looked up. It was a pale haired man, that I saw at the teachers table yesterday. "What's the rush?" he asked. I looked up at him and took a few steps back. Hugo had his hand around my wrist this time. He knew how I felt. I was scared of him. He looked awfully suspicious... "We're... Looking for McGonagall..." I said quietly. "Well I'm afraid she had to go to the ministry for business. Is there anything I can help you with?" I shook my head. "No, sir." I said and we turned around and walked the other way, and turned the first corner. I looked at Hugo "Who was that?! I thought I knew all of the Professors!" I watched as Hugo looked back around the corner. "He...must be the dark arts teacher. I hear there's a new one each year. I wouldn't trust them." He said. I nodded. "Then...Who should we tell about... That thing?" He shrugged. "I guess we wait for McGonagall to get back..."


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