Lily Potter and the attacker from Tonsadore

I'm Lily Potter. Yep, Daughter of Harry Potter. This will be my first year of Hogwarts, along with my best friend, Hugo Weasley. My dad and mum never told me about why they were apparently 'Famous'... I had to find that out on my own... In more ways then one...


1. The long, long train ride.

"remember, don't get into any trouble!" Aunt Hermione said sternly to me and my best friend, and cousin, Hugo.


Uncle Ron who was standing nearby laughed. "You can't say that. Remember how much trouble we got into during our Hogwarts years?" Aunt Hermione glared at him.

"Do you really want their school years to end up like ours did?!"

Ron looked like he was just realizing something, then turned back to Hugo and I.

"Don't get into any trouble!" He ordered.

"...Yeah..." I said and me and Hugo turned away. I could hear Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron sigh as we made our way over to my cousins Victoire and Rose.

They seemed to be arguing with the Malfoy twins, Brian, and Thomas. Our whole family seemed to hate the Malfoy family. I'm not too sure why though. I guess it's just genetic. The twins aren't too bad though. At least not in my eyes they aren't. In fact, I think of them almost like my older brothers. of course I would never admit that to anyone.

"You and your whole 'Pure Blood family!' are all the same! Why don't you just go jump off a cliff!!" yelled Victoire. The twins looked at each other, surprised, and then looked back at Victoire.

I felt bad for them. I mean, they weren't bad people. They didn't even want to be in Slytherin. I stepped forward. "Hey guys." I spoke out

Hugo looked at Rose, His sister, "What did they do?" Hugo asked as he jerked his thumb towards the twins.

The twins ignored them. "How was your summer Lily?" Brian asked. I tilted my head at them.

"Don't talk to my cousin!" ordered Rose.

We ignored her. "Boring." I answered, bluntly.

"But... I did hear something interesting from my uncle..." I smirked as I talked in a hushed voice.

"Don't talk to my brothers!!" shrieked Amanda Malfoy. She was in her  6th year. And even worst. She was a prefect. How she became a prefect, I will never know. She probably had to confund professor McGonagall.

I glared at Amanda and Hugo stuck his tongue out at her. Amanda looked disgusted by Hugo as we walked away.

My parents weren't here. I don't know why. They did tell me that they would try to make it to see me off... but of course they were lying. There seems to be a lot of that going around lately... Even my Aunt and Uncle seems a bit rushed to leave. I turned to Hugo.

"Why do you s'pose my parents aren't here?" Hugo shrugged.

"You didn't ask them?" he asked me. I shook my head no.

"I just found out this morning. just before we left. I didn't have time to ask." I answered. I really had no time at all to ask. We were just standing in the fire place, Albus with a handful of floo powder, when he told us. James had went before us, and right when dad told us, Albus 'Floo'd' us away. that's why I think that Albus and James know something that I don't.

Just then the train instructor shouted something, his voice seemed magnified by something.

I didn't catch what he said, but I suppose it had something to do with getting on the train because Hugo grabbed my shoulder and said "c'mon Lily! I want to get an compartment, without any idiots in it preferably." I rolled my eyes at him as I grabbed my bottomless duffel bag and dragged it behind me.


     "Can't you see this compartment is taken?" Hugo asked Scorpius Malfoy, the youngest malfoy, in his first year. He rolled his eyes at Hugo and stepped into the compartment with two of his friends behind him. I immediately recognized the first one. He had blonde hair that reached just below his ears, and dark blue eyes. "Zach?" I asked surprised. "Oh... Hey Lily!" he smiled.

"Hey..." I replied. Me and Zach used to be best friends. around maybe a couple months after Hugo started hanging around with us, Zach yelled at me, something about how I should 'Learn who my true friends are' or something. But really, Hugo had always been my best friend. I just never introduced them to each other. Then when I did, I realized it to be a mistake. I missed Zach of course. But if he was making me pick between him and Hugo, of course I'm gonna pick Hugo.

Zach sat across from me, trying to sit farthest away from Hugo like he was going to bite him. Although he did look like he was going to... Scorpius sat down next to me, while the one boy, who I didn't really know, probably sensed the tension between Hugo and Zach, so he sat in between them. I put my elbows on my knees and looked at Hugo and Zach. They were glaring at each other from across the dark haired kid. I could tell that he was feeling uncomfortable. So I decided to break the tension. "What's your name?" I asked the dark haired kid. He looked up. "Jake" he answered. "I'm Lily, And that one is Hugo." I said and pointed at Hugo who had finally stopped glaring at Zach.

Jake's jaw fell "wait... aren't you...Harry Potter's daughter!" he said surprised. I nodded.

"Wicked." he mumbled and I grinned. I never actually knew what my dad and Mum were 'famous' for. they had never told me. they just would just mutter something about fate and luck or something. I don't know. One day, it had been the winter holidays, James and Albus ran into the living room. shouted something like "Why didn't you tell us!?" But it wasn't long before they were shooed into the other room by my mum and dad. Me and Hugo were left in the other room. What seemed like a century later they came back out. When me and Hugo tried to ask what that was about, they just told us "nothing" and said no more.

It seemed like Hugo was glaring at everyone in the compartment except for me and Jake. But this time Scorpius was glaring at him too.

"Stop glaring!!" I said to them both, annoyed. Scorpius turned away and grumbled something, annoyed.

I looked out the train window. the scene quickly changed from the bright green of the grass and purples and blues from the flowers, to greys and dull colors. the sky became dark,  and rain drops hit her nose through the open window. I sighed and turned away. Scorpius and Hugo were back to glaring at each other. I rolled my eyes at both of them and looked up at the roof of the train.

I heard them exchange a few words, I wasn't listening, I was reading One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi. The next thing I knew, Scorpius had jumped up and had pulled out his wand, and then, so had Hugo. I jumped up also and grabbed both of their elbows. "Sit down!" I ordered. They both looked shocked. I was getting frustrated by this group. It seemed Jake was too.

"Both of you!" They both sat back down, still glaring at each other. I grabbed up my book from the floor and threw it onto the seat. I looked over at Scoprius, he was staring at me. I scowled at him.

Hugo was looking at me, then at Scorpius, then to me, then back to Scorpius.

"Did I... Did I miss something?..." Hugo asked, confused. I sighed up at the ceiling. "Yes." I answered, plainly.

I grabbed my cloak out of my duffel and threw it around my shoulders. "Isn't that... a little...well, big on you?" Zach, who had stayed pretty silent up until now, said. Hugo laughed. "Hey, she can't help it!... She was born a midget!" everyone in the compartment started laughing. I rolled my eyes at them. "Yeah! You keep laughing! Just remember, by next week ill be able to send you to Cuba in 3 seconds flat!!" I said and everyone shut up.


I was back to reading One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi, again, I was ignoring every one in the compartment. Scorpius had gotten up to grab his own robe. Him and Hugo were, once again, fighting.

"Ow Ow Ow!!" I yelled. Scorpius had gotten the button on his robe caught on my red hair.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!" he said as we both jumped off our seat. He tried to hurriedly untangle my hair, but ended up just pulling on it more. "Idiot!" I said annoyed. He looked at me apologetically and stopped pulling. I glared up at him.  We waited until everyone was done laughing, when the compartment door opened again.

I looked around to see James, Albus, Rose, and James's friend, Ryan. I jumped, realizing how awkward we probably looked, and we immediately began pulling again.

"I thought they hated each other..." mumbled Ryan. "We do!" Scorpius and I both Shouted.


"Hand me my duffel bag, will you Albus? I asked as we started to leave the train. He threw my purple duffel and my new broom stick at me. I grabbed them and followed Hugo out of the train. He immediately turned around, almost causing me to fall over him. "Turn back around." Ordered Hugo. I looked at him "Why?" I asked "We forgot the owls!" I had to stop myself from slapping my forehead, as I turned around. We were squished against the wall a few times, getting nowhere near our compartment, finally James came down the hallway, carrying a pure white owl, with jet black feathers under his lower chest, making him look as if he was dipped in black paint, and a pure black barn owl that looked like it was dipped in black paint. He was also carrying my small white mouse on his shoulder. I grabbed up gizmo, my owl, and my mouse, Periwinkle. "Thanks Albus!" I yelled as Hugo grabbed his owl, and we ran for the exit of the train.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" Shouted Hagrid over the chatter of students. "Hey Hagrid!" I shouted as he waved at me and Hugo.


okay, so that was the first chapter of my first book. I know it was short. sorry. But I promise the next one will be longer. I will try to make a new chapter every day. It should be easy because its summer, so please check back often!!

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