Life behind a smile

This more then a story, its a living nightmare about a girl and what really happened in her life. Many around her thinks they know the real her but they only know what she lets them.. hidden behind all the acts is a broken lost girl who doesn't understand the meaning of life but only the pain and hatred that happens to find her.. step into her world for a second and see the real her. Each chapter provide a clue on what she goes through. However chapter One is a complete trueful inside .


5. What's wrong with me ?

​  Stop being a closed book... it's unhealthy

​  It's crazy how in society everyone's view of me is different but no one have the correct perspective of me. Does that mean everyone is blind or have what I like to call selective hearing? I'm not screaming loud enough? Stop being a close book .. it's unhealthy. I tried sharing my emotions but I got left with the question why after every sentence. I don't know why things are happening to me or why I feel the way I do. Why? That's the question that has me thinking or makes me angry every time I try to find the answer. The question I started asking myself every time I open my eyes to face everything that will be thrown at me for the day. It will always be left unanswered. Stop being a closed book.. it's unhealthy. Then I started to speak and instead every topic I spoke of became debatable. In society's mind I was okay. I have the strength to get over it. I have the friends and family that loves me and is there for me. In society's mind it's all in my head. So I closed my mouth and held it inside once again. I failed to find the person that understands me; the person that has the right thing to say; the person who can fix me.. IN THE END I AM BROKEN .


​{ thank you for reading.. this chapter is just a rant..}

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