Life behind a smile

This more then a story, its a living nightmare about a girl and what really happened in her life. Many around her thinks they know the real her but they only know what she lets them.. hidden behind all the acts is a broken lost girl who doesn't understand the meaning of life but only the pain and hatred that happens to find her.. step into her world for a second and see the real her. Each chapter provide a clue on what she goes through. However chapter One is a complete trueful inside .


3. Pull The Trigger and Send Me Home

“Jackson! Did you finish all the paper work that I have given you?" Mrs. Gomez yelled from a mile away. Her voice caused my companions to halt. I never understood why she had to unleash her wrath upon us, it’s not like we were her guinea pigs. "Jackson are you listening to me!" she screamed again. This time everyone had jumped in their seats. I couldn't help but grin at her unhappiness. "Yes, everything is placed on your desk neatly on the right hand side just how you asked." I explained. "It better be or your promotion to New York will be revoked!" she replied, walking towards her office. I almost forgot this would be the last day I will have to deal with her unnecessary rage. Everything has finally paid off and my life is getting better.

I tap my pencil against my desk, glaring at the clock every five seconds. Its only two thirty and I get to leave at three, but my patience is running thin. My fiancée should be home sitting on her favorite comfy chair in the living room reading one of her many novels. "Hey Jackson, what you say to going over to the bar after work to celebrate your promotion?" Kevin whispered over my cube. "No I'm just really anxious to get home." I replied looking back at the clock once again. "Why? I'm sure Emma is fine. Come on, you haven't spent time with me or Marcia in a while." I can hear the sadness in his voice. He was right, I been dedicating most my time to Emma. "I'm sorry. I can't, Emma seemed slightly different when I texted her earlier and I should check on her. Maybe afterwards we can hang out?" I asked. With a sigh he replied "Yeah, sure, maybe." before sitting back in his chair.

Guilt rained over me but what type of person would I be if I don't see if my fiancée is okay. The rest of the time was spent charging my phone and making sure everything was prepared for my replacement. Once three hit I dashed to my car and headed home. Down stairs is oddly quietly, almost as if no one has been down here in a while. I walked towards the living room with a smile across my face. Immediately a frown took over when I noticed Emma wasn't there. Suddenly I heard familiar sound coming from upstairs. It couldn't be! I rushed up stairs towards the bedroom door.

I can hear the sound of her voice so clearly. As I reached from the knob my heart began to slowly fade away. I carefully opened not to make a sound that would aware her of my presence. "Ahhhh!" the sound filled the room and my heart was shattered. "What the fuck!" was the only words that I managed to force out my mouth. The guy that was once over my fiancée hurdle to the far right of the room. "Baby!!" she yelled to me. "Baby? Baby!? That all you can now say. I wasn't your baby when this guy was in you!" In rage I pointed towards the guy not looking at his face. "Calm down. It was in the heat moment we didn't mean to hurt you." His voice sounded so familiar. Glaring in his direction I realized who he was. "Miguel??" I asked giving a puzzled look.

"I trusted you!!" Immediately I charged towards him sending him to the floor. At this point Emma was wrapped in the white silk cover tugging at my waist screaming in fear. I no longer had control over myself, the demon within me pounded at my once favorite uncle's face. "Jackson stop it! You're going to kill him!" Her voice sounded more of a whisper then a yell to me and everything was in slow motion. His blood splattered the floor, he wasn't recognizable with all the blood and bruises. Emma finally managed to get me off him and into her arms. "I'm sorry." He mumbled through the pain. "Get out." Emma whispers, holding on me tight.

"He tricked me...He was there whenever we fought. I'm sorry, I’m so sorry. I love you so much” She says with a trembling voice. "Of course he was there for you…I told him everything!" In anger, I throw my fist at the wall, “Why…” Before she could answer, the phone rang. I take it out of my pocket, not even checking who it was, “Hello? Yes…really? Okay. Yes sir. Bye.” In a blind rage, I throw my phone on the bed. “I lost my fucking promotion and you cheated on me with my uncle. My uncle! Can I trust no one?”

“I didn't mean to hurt you, it’s just that…” She falters then stops, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I didn't mean it. I love you.” She whispers, holding onto my shirt tightly and placing her head on my chest. “If you didn't mean it you wouldn't have done it.” I reply with a hard voice before walking out of the room. She didn't call after me or follow me, that’s when I knew it was over.

I sit on the couch in the front room and think. My life was over. I lost my promotion. I lost my fiancée to my favorite uncle. And my favorite uncle. I’m depressed. Everything hurts. I felt like my life was sucked out of me and I was just a hollow body. Empty. Filled with nothing. I…I can’t live like this. Slowly, I walk over to the computer table and open the draw, where we…I keep an emergency gun. Slowly, I take it out, tears coming down my face faster than the pullet could leave the gun and enter my skull. Funny how I feel numb, but the tears still came down.

I place the barrel of the gun to my head. I have to end this, to make everyone happy. So no one has to go behind my back to do stuff. No one has to worry about hurting me anymore. Closing my eyes tightly, I pull the trigger and enter into the never ending darkness.

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