Life behind a smile

This more then a story, its a living nightmare about a girl and what really happened in her life. Many around her thinks they know the real her but they only know what she lets them.. hidden behind all the acts is a broken lost girl who doesn't understand the meaning of life but only the pain and hatred that happens to find her.. step into her world for a second and see the real her. Each chapter provide a clue on what she goes through. However chapter One is a complete trueful inside .


1. Hunted

      June 6 2013


       The sun sets and the darkness beginnings to creep though my bedroom window. I welcomed it as I sat at the corner of the bed only to be lost deep into my thoughts. As shadows appeared I began to think about my dark gloomy life. I never really thought of myself as "depressed". I hide behind smiles and laughter of a child who has wonderful friends and family members who seem to know her well. However, I am slowly dying inside of the pain and sadness that seems to grow each and everyday. I slowly got off my bed and reached for a silver blade my mother uses to trim my eyebrows.

    As I sat on the bed leaning against the wall my past slowly became the present. There I was smiling and joking with my father in a room just footsteps away from his. It was peaceful and quiet except the noise that was coming from the television. To bad the movie happened to be in black and white; it made me less interested in watching. I began to text a friend of mine who I like to call Bre. Well, to be honest she is really more of my girlfriend, we have a long distance thing going on. It was now about 2 a.m at the time and I knew I can stay wake longer.

     His wife just came out of the bathroom and headed to their room, shutting the light and t.v off, and went to bed. I wouldn't blame her for not staying up with us since she had to go to work and happened to be pregnant with a baby girl.

    I faced my father minutes after and told him I'm ready to go to bed. The movie had bored me and our conversation began to die off. So what else there was to do other then go to sleep? He got off the day time bed and shut off the T.V then proceeded to close the door. The room was no longer bright blue anymore but pitch black as if life was sucked out of it. He then walked towards me and laid near the wall leaving me on the edge on the bed. I placed my phone on the charger and turned towards him laying my head in the pillow. Suddenly he lead towards me and kissed me. Shocked, I stood motionless as he continued. Within moment he was on top of me and began to feel my breast. At this point fear began to take a hold of me and thoughts rushed through my head like a bullet train.

    He got off me and took his shirt off. I know some maybe will think okay this is her time to run but I couldn't, I was frozen still as if a ton of bricks was piled on top of me. He began to tug on the sweat pants his wife had leant me for the night and quickly took it off along with my panties. His lips was pushed against mines as he manage to pull his boxers off. I finally was able to get the word "no" to come out my mouth. He reply in a soft tone "I'm not going to hurt you, I love you." As if that was going to make my fear disappear. I started to push on his chest when a sharp pain hit me and my back formed a arch. His hand was placed on mouth to insure that I wouldn't be able to yell.

   I forced my eyes shut tight and opened them seconds after. I was back in my room with the blade in my right hand breathing heavily.

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