It's Complicated

Zoey Tomlinson thinks her life is amazing before she finds out things she isn't supposed to. There are things she was never supposed to know. She wants to know more, but her 'dad' tells her to drop it. He's saying everything she hears is a lie. But something tells her differently.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Zoey's P.O.V.

    I looked at Harry as I waited for whatever he was going to say. He looked kind of hesitant. I was getting worried. "Harry?" I asked when he hadn't said anything for about five minutes. "Oh, sorry. Um...never mind what I was going to say." he said. "Harry you can always talk to me." I reminded him. "I know, I'll tell you later." he said. Well now I'm just anxious to know what it is. It's obviously something he wouldn't normally say. What if he fancies me? What, no. Now I'm just being foolish. Why would he fancy me? Do I even fancy him? What would I say if that's what he was going to tell me? I think I do fancy him, but I just don't want to end up heart broken again. Tyler really crushed me. "Zo, are you okay?" Harry's British accent snapped me back into reality. I had forgotten he was there. I looked at him confused when I realized I had tears on my cheeks. "Oh, yeah." I said and wiped them away. "Zoey, you're crying. What were you thinking about?" he asked. "It's nothing, Harry. I just need a hug." I said and his arms twisted around me, pulling me closer. I really wanted to tell him, I just don't want to cry again. I don't think I have anymore tears left in me for today.


Harry's P.O.V.

    I can't believe I chickened out. I'm such a coward! I think part of me was seeing Louis mad at me...he told me to stay away. But how can I? Zoey is so beautiful and amazing. Her smile and laugh are just perfect. Her eyes are pretty and the way they light up when she looks at me... Wait do her eyes light up when she looks at me? What if she fancies me too? But something tells me she's not ready for a relationship... I think something happened and she doesn't want to let anyone in, that's why I have to be careful and make sure I stay in my boundaries. She'll tell me what happened when she's ready. I know that one time we went to Stake n' Shake together, we were talking about it being a date, but I thought she was joking. "Harry?" Zoey calling my name brought me back to life. "Yes?" I asked, noticing she was half asleep. I must've been thinking for a while. "I'm tired." she said. I lifted her and brought her to the top of the bed and laid her down, covering her up. I kissed her forehead and turned to leave, when I felt her grasp my wrist. "Can you stay?" she whispered. I smiled and nodded, going around to the other side. She scooted close to me when I laid down. I wrapped her up in my arms and we both fell deep asleep.



Louis' P.O.V.

    I was watching the telly, when I realized how late it was. I hadn't heard from Harry or Zoey, so I went to find them. I checked the kitchen and Harry's room, but they weren't in either room. I knocked on Zoey's door, but no one answered. I cracked it open and peeked in. They were snuggled up asleep. Maybe if they did both fancy each other I'd be okay with them together, but I still don't know. It's not that I don't think Harry would be good to her, but if something just happens to go badly and Zoey got hurt...I would have to beat my best friend. So, I don't think I like this. I guess I just have to talk to Harry again in the morning.



Zoey's P.O.V.

    The next morning I woke up alone. I smelled bacon and waffles. I followed the scent down the hall to the kitchen, where I heard Harry and Louis talking. I decided to be nosey and listen. "You need to stay away, Harry. I told you already. I don't want her getting hurt." Louis said. I frowned. What are they talking about? "Do you really think I would hurt her, Lou? I thought we were best friends." Harry said. "We are! And that's why! I don't want something to go badly and have to beat you up for hurting my little sister!" he said. Are they talking about me? "I would never, ever hurt her! You know that!" Harry yelled. "No! I don't! She could be hurt just by you breaking up with her! That girl is everything to me! I'm not letting you closer to her and that's it!" Louis yelled back. Does he think he owns me and Harry or something? "So now you think you're in charge of me and her?" Harry asks. "No, but I think I can have the final say on this." Louis replied. Oh, no. That's the same thing of making choices for us, which is like owning us. I pushed the door open. "Excuse you? You may be my older brother but that doesn't mean you can choose who I date! It's not your choice, it's mine! And if I want to go out with Harry, them I'm going to go out with him no matter you like it or not! Who do you think you are?" I interrupted. Both of them looked shocked, but I ignored it and stormed out. I can't believe he would do that! What if we weren't twins and Harry and I ended up getting married? It would be his fault now if we didn't. I've made up my mind. I might be broken still, but Harry is the only one who could fix me from that. Obviously he fancies me if they were talking about that. And obviously he was going to tell me that last night, but he didn't because of Louis. So I decided to do something very daring. I turned and walked back into the room. Their eyes again turned to me as I walked up to Harry. I looked into his eyes. "I fancy you too, you know." I whispered. He smiled and I took him by surprise by smashing our lips together. I have to admit, part of me did that to make Louis mad. But most of me just wanted to kiss Harry and get it out of my system. I pulled back and looked at Louis nervously. Wrong choice, Zoey. Oops.




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