It's Complicated

Zoey Tomlinson thinks her life is amazing before she finds out things she isn't supposed to. There are things she was never supposed to know. She wants to know more, but her 'dad' tells her to drop it. He's saying everything she hears is a lie. But something tells her differently.


16. Chapter Sixteen

Harry's P.O.V.

    Zoey decided to go back to sleep. It took a lot of convincing because she was scared, but I finally got her after I promised I'd stay with her. When I was sure she was sound asleep, I wanted to find Louis and talk to him.

    "Hey, mate." I said. "Hi" he replied. "Why did you change your mind?" I asked. He shrugged. "That didn't give me an answer." I stated. He sighed. "I saw how worried you were when she woke up. All it took was her to say one word and immediately she was in your arms. She calmed down as soon as she saw you. Maybe not much, but she did." he said. "Yeah, I care about her." I said. "I can tell. Just take care of her." he said. "I will, no doubt about it." I said. "Break her heart and I break you." I reminded him. "Don't worry, lad. I would never hurt her. And she'll always be your little sister no matter who she's with. I wouldn't take her from you if that's what you're worried about." I promised. "She's my little sister. How can I just let her go around doing what she wants and being with whoever she wants, without worrying something will go wrong?" he asked, frowning. "There's no way you can. She's your little sister, you're her big brother. No matter how old, you will always worry about her. But you have to give her space. See things in her shoes. No matter what you say she has the final word when it comes to her personal life." I informed him. "I know. I just can't imagine how both of us would be if something happened to her." he said. "We wouldn't be good at all, but we'd just have to move on. Zoey wouldn't like us living in sadness the rest of our lives." I said truthfully. It would kill me if something happened to Zoey. But the same thing goes for me; if I were to die, I wouldn't want Zoey and Louis crying everyday about it. I would want them to move on and enjoy their life while they can. But no matter what happens to any of us, both of those two will forever have a place in my heart.

    "Harry, you're my best friend. I don't want to loose you or Zoey, so don't do anything you'll regret." Louis said, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded. "Thank you for loosening up about this whole thing. Zoey was going through a hard time, and I think this will help knowing you at least a little bit, agree on this." I said.

    "You're welcome. But what happened at the hospital? Zoey said something while we were trying to wake her up." he asked. "Well technically it isn't my story to tell, so I have to talk to Zoey and make sure she doesn't want to tell you." I said. "I understand. Is she okay?" he asked. I nodded, "I wouldn't be talking to you right now if she wasn't. I'd be in her room comforting her until she was." I said. He smiled. "Thanks, mate." I nodded. "You're welcome. I'm going to sleep. Night." I said and left.

    Zoey was still sound asleep when I entered. I climbed in the bed next to her and pulled her closer. "Harry?" she whispered. I guess she was awake. "Yes, love?" I whispered back. "What if Joe finds me again?" she asked. "I won't let him anywhere near you, Zo. I promise." I replied. She sniffed. I hate how she cries so much. It kills me to know she's in pain. "I don't want him hurting you either." she cried. "Zoey, everything will be okay. The cops have him now. Shh. You're safe with me." I attempted calming her down. "Harry, you're amazing. I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I'm so thankful I did it." she whispered. "Same for you." I whispered back. "Goodnight Harry." she said. "Goodnight, love." I whispered and kissed her forehead.


Zoey's P.O.V.

    The next morning I woke up to...singing? I opened one eye to see Harry singing softly to me. A cheeky little grin appeared when he noticed my waking. "Keep going." I whispered. He smiled bigger and kept singing 'Little Things'. One of the band he's in songs.

    "How many bate mates do you have?" I asked. "Five including me." he replied. "Oh, and Louis is one of them, right?" I asked. "Yeah, it's him, me, Zayn, Liam, and Niall." he said. "What are they like?" I asked. "Well, Zayn is kind of known as a mysterious, bad boy type of guy. He also loves his hair. But he's cool. Liam is known as 'Daddy Direction.' You know, always worrying about us or reminding us to do something. We still love him though. Niall is carefree. He's this cute, cheeky kid who can make anyone laugh. Food is his number one priority. (Harry chuckled.) But that kid is amazing." he said, smiling at the thought of his best mates.

    "They sound really great." I stated. "Would you like to meet them sometime? I mean, you probably would since you're Louis' sister and..." he trailed off.

    I knew what he was thinking, so I decided to mess with him. "And what?" I asked. "Oh, um nothing. I don't know why I said and." he said. "Oh c'mon, Haz. I know you were going to say something." I said. "Well, I was going to say something, but I don't really think it's formal because I never really asked you and I really wish I didn't say anything now because I'm just making things more complicated and other stuff." he mumbled in one breath. I giggled. "Breathe, Harry, breathe!" I joked. He playfully punched my shoulder.

    I grabbed my shoulder and cringed in pain. I'm messing with him again. It didn't hurt. "Harry! That hurt!" I cried. His face changed from happy, to guilty and concerned in a split second. "Oh, no. I'm so sorry!" he said. I laughed. "I was kidding, Harry! Calm down!" I was almost in tears. His face was priceless. "You aren't very nice." he pouted. "Aww, I'm sorry." I said and squeezed his cheek.

    "Whatever, but I need to ask you something..." he said. "Sure, go ahead." I said. "Well,, Louis changed his mind and uh, we you know um, well..." he stuttered. I giggled. He's adorable. He sighed. "Okay, I was just wondering if you'd maybe want to be my girlfriend?" he asked. "I'd most definatly love to be your girlfriend, Harry." I responded. He sighed in relief.

    Everyone was awake and dressed in the living room. "What are we doing today?" I asked. "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Louis asked. I shrugged. "How about we call Niall, Liam, and Zayn to see if they want to come over and hang? You could meet them." Harry suggested. "Yeah, sure." I said. "Sounds like a plan! I'll call, be back!" Louis shouted as he went down the hall. "So, I was wondering if I could take you out tomorrow night?" he asked. "Yeah. Where?" I asked. "I don't know. Where would you want our first date to be?" he asked. "I thought we already had a first date at Steak n' Shake?" I asked. "I thought you were joking?" he said. "Hm, I guess that doesn't count then. It doesn't matter. You choose." I said. "Okay, well how about this park not too far away? We could have a picnic." he suggested. "That sounds wonderful." I smiled. "I'm glad." he said and smiled. I smiled back and pecked him on the lips.

    He pouted when I pulled away. I smiled and leaned back in, but it kind of changed to making out... until we heard someone clear their throat. We pulled away and I looked at my hands as I felt my cheeks warming. Louis chuckled. "That was priceless. Anyways, they'll be here in an hour." he said. Some girls would die to be in my place. I mean, my twin brother is Louis Tomlinson, my boyfriend is Harry Styles, and in an hour, I'll be hanging out with all five of One Direction.



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