It's Complicated

Zoey Tomlinson thinks her life is amazing before she finds out things she isn't supposed to. There are things she was never supposed to know. She wants to know more, but her 'dad' tells her to drop it. He's saying everything she hears is a lie. But something tells her differently.


19. Chapter Nineteen

Zoey's P.O.V.

    "So how was it?" Louis asked when I found him later in his room. "Good." I said, smiling at the thought of how amazing Harry is. "Good, so I don't need to have a chat with him about anything, correct?" he asked. "Yes, Louis." I said. He nodded. "I'm going to bed, goodnight." I said and kissed his cheek. "Night." he said as I walked out to tell Harry goodnight.

   "Hey, I'm going to bed." I said. "Okay goodnight. If you need me you know where I am." he said. I smiled and nodded.

    What they didn't know was I wasn't going to sleep. I am never sleeping again if I don't have to. I don't want to have any more nightmares.

    "Well goodnight." I said and turned around. "Hey." he said. "Yes?" I asked. "Come here." he said. I went over and he pulled me down next to him. I frowned in confusion. "You're forgetting something." he said before crashing his lips to mine. I smiled in the kiss and so did he. "Now you can go." he said. I smiled and stood to leave.

    I kept the lamp on next to me and sat down on my bed, watching the wall. How am I supposed to stay awake when I'm so tired? I need sleep...but I'm scared. What if Joe actually breaks into the flat? In real life? I'll be asleep and what if he kidnaps me?

    When I was almost certain Louis and Harry were asleep, I snuck in the kitchen. They both came in my room to see if I was sleeping, but luckily I heard them and was able to fake it. I grabbed a glass and got some water.

   I drank it before wandering back down the hall, where I bumped into Harry coming around the corner. I jumped a foot. "You almost gave me a heart attack, Zo!" he whisper-yelled. Louis must be sleeping then. "What are you doing awake?" I whispered. "Me? You're the one who was sleeping two minutes ago!" he said. I sighed. "I wasn't sleeping." I said. "I came in your room and looked. You-" I cut him off. "I was faking." I said. "Why?" he asked. "I don't want to sleep ever again if I don't have to." I admitted. "Why, Zoey?" he asked.

    I avoided his gaze and looked at the wall next to me. He lifted my chin to face him. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I'm scared." I muttered. He pulled me to him and hugged me close. "I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. You're safe." he whispered. "What if he hurts you?" I whispered back. "It would be worth protecting you." he said. That's when I broke down. "I don't want anyone hurting you!" I cried and buried my head in his chest. "Shh, Zoey it's okay. Nobody is going to hurt me or you." he said. 

    After I calmed down, Harry looked at me. "Are you okay now?" he asked. I nodded. "Do you want to stay in my room tonight?" he asked. I nodded again. He led me down the hall and covered me with a blanket. After changing, he came around the bed and got in next to me. He scooted closer and wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe with him and soon fell asleep.

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