dont let me go (larry stylinson)

Larry. It's more than a name. Thanks to the directioners Larry now has a meaning. It symbolises two mens love for eachother. Those men are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The rumours are going out of control and neither of them can handle it anymore. They just want to be happy....


16. what louis says to eleanor

this chapter is what Louis says to Eleanor whilst she's in hospital. she is still just alive at the start


I cant help but cry as I see you lying on that hospital bed, not much life in you but enough to hear these words and the sincerity in which they are spoken. you're my world. if I was a leaf you would be my tree, if I was a fish you would be my sea, if I was a brick you would be my house. because I am a part of you and you are a part of me. you are amazing and I love you to pieces, I always have. it might have not seemed that way 7 months ago, but I have never stopped. my love for you is a brother sister love. something that can never be broken and there is nothing stronger than my love for you. you're the apple to my pie, the straw to my berry. you're the fish to my chips and the super to my man. you and me belong together as the worlds greatest friends and I would give anything to spend just one more day with you. I would do anything as long as you were happy. I would even apologise to the wanted. you mean the world to me my beautiful princess. every angel I see will remind me of you. every star in the sky will remind me of the twinkle in your eye. but the brightest star, that shines so bright among the rest, I know will be you. I know it will be you because baby you light up my world like nobody else. I know its cheesy using one of our song lyrics but you have always been my inspiration when I sing. you're one of the funniest people in the world and your bubbly personality suits your perfect appearance which makes millions of people jealous. i'll never understand why you had to leave and I don't believe that if there is a god he could take such an amazing life. you're my god Eleanor. you're everything I look up to and everything I want to be. if i'm ever in need of guidance I know all I have to do is look up at the midnight sky or into a picture of you and you will guide me. your hearbeat is getting slower and my tears are falling faster. can you still hear me? can you still understand what i'm saying? do you still love me as much as I love you? baby girl I don't know If you can hear me but I feel like it's my duty to carry on in case you can. I need to let all my feelings out because i know that if I tell you at least i'll have no regrets. I hope they treat you well up there. I hope they realise how much you were loved down here and even though your life is slowly fading away you are still loved and always will be. i'll never forget the tears that I am crying today. every drop that runs down my face contains another perfect memory of you. your chest has stopped rising and falling and it is clear to me that your time here on earth has come and gone, but I cant stop myself. I have so much left to say, whether you can hear me or not you deserve to hear it. every snowflake that falls in the winter will remind me of you and it will symbolise you coming down from heaven to be with me. I don't know how much longer I can go on. my voice is cracking and I don't know how much longer I can remain strong for. all signs of life have left your body. I can't carry on and I hate myself already for it, but I hope you understand that it is just too painful. are you already in heaven? can you hear me once again. give me a sign. I love you princess. I will never forget what you have done for me and the beautiful daughter you have provided me with. did you know you were pregnant when we broke up? why didn't you tell me? she's beautiful Eleanor, just like you. she has your face and my eyes. she has so much hair already, it's unreal. I've decided on the name. Eleanor destiny Tomlinson. I know we was going to name our first daughter destiny but I think that the least you deserve is for her to be named after you. it will remind me every day that your cruel death was not totally worthless. we got a beautiful daughter out of it. it hurts me to think that she will never know you but I know that you will be watching her grow and looking over her. until we meet you again and I join you up there I will miss you with all my heart and I can never forget you. I guess you could say that you're still here with me. not physically but in my heart. I know its too late but I would give anything for you to come back. for you to smile once more and for you to whisper my name. I love you Eleanor and I don't know how i'm going to be able to get through this. I love you beautiful. don't forget me because i know I could never forget you. sweet dreams princess. sleep tight my beautiful angel. I love you.

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