dont let me go (larry stylinson)

Larry. It's more than a name. Thanks to the directioners Larry now has a meaning. It symbolises two mens love for eachother. Those men are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The rumours are going out of control and neither of them can handle it anymore. They just want to be happy....


8. finding the note

Louis p.o.v


"you ready lou?" harry asked. we were getting ready to go to our concert.

"yeah 2 seconds" I replied "I just need to get some socks" i went into my room and went to get some socks. as i searched to find a matching pair i saw an envelope. it was addressed to me. i opened it and read


dear boobear,

i know this is the second note but i didn't really explain myself in the first one did i. i wrote this note and then hid it so the other boys wont find it. i wrote you another note to avoid suspicion. i suppose you're wondering why i did it. you have every reason to wonder. well heres why....

3 years ago i met the worlds most perfect person. i fell in love straight away. it wasn't long after that they fell in love with someone other than me. i was heartbroken. i tried to carry on but it was so hard. as you know a few days ago i wrote a song. don't let me go is about them. i cant live my life knowing they will be a proper part of it. do you know who that person is?

well Louis... its you!

i know it seems weird and you probably are going to blame yourself now for my death. don't! you and el deserve eachother and im happy for you. ust not as happy as i could be. its not your fault lou. i fell in love with someone i shouldn't have. if your going to blame anyone blame me. show the boys this note, i don't care. i just wanted to make sure i was dead before you all knew. and by the time you find this i know i will. i don't want to make this too long or you will get back in time. i don't want that. i want to be free from these feelings.

to cut things short heres the simple message behind this note is Louis William Tomlinson i am truly madly deeply in love with you. cheesy i know but its true. i will love you forever and i will wait for you up there.

i love you so freaking much Louis.

love your best pal harry x


i stared at the note in shock. harry. in love. with me.

"come on lou" he shouted. i put the note im my pocket and headed downstairs. i must have looked shocked because he stared at me

"you alight?" he asked

"just a little shocked" i replied.

"why?" he asked suddenly looking nervous

"ill um tell ya later. lets um go" i replied and went outside where all the other boys were waiting

"ready?" liam asked as me and harry got in the car

"yeah" we both replied at the exact same time.

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