kidnapped by Directioners (1D and Little mix fanfic)

Karley woke up to stuck inside a warehouse


1. What happend?!

Zoey's P.O.V

I woke up in a warehouse tied up to a chair "Where's Zayn"I wondered then a bunch of girls came up to me they were wearing 1D things I was kidnapped by Directioners "Hello Zoey"All of them said "Why am I here?"I asked them "Because you took Zayn from all of us"One with Black hair and a bloude highlight in her hair said then they all ran I reached my phone to warn Lia and Louise Then Zayn texted me he asked where I was so I texted him saying Kidnapped by the fans he texted back :0 then they returned I put my Iphone away before they could see it "Hello again Zoey im Claire but heres some food"The same girl said and handed me food "Thanks i guess"I said then they ran again

Lia's P.O.V.

"Beautiful wake up"I heard my boyfriend Liam say "Morning Liam"I smiled and gave him a peck "I made you breakfest Babe"Liam said as he picked me up off the bed "Thanks so much Liam"I said as he sat me down and gave me a kiss on the cheek I started eatting then Liam kissed me on the lips for 2 minutes right when we pulled away Liam got knocked out and I screamed then I got knocked out 1 hour later...... I woke up tied up next to Liam and Zoey "What happend"Zoey asked "I dont know first thing you know me and Liam were kissing then I was knocked out then all I heard was Lia screaming then someone fell onto the floor which I guessed was when Lia got knocked out"Liam said "Didn't you get my text?"Zoey asked "No i didnt"I said..."Where's Louise"i said scared.

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