I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


38. Final Chapter








The room was filled with what seemed a shy sunlight coming from behind the curtains.

My lips curved into a little smile as soon as I perceived it, since the weather hadn't been really good lately, and I slowly opened my eyes, rubbing them a little bit and looking at the wardrobe in front of me.

Look at that mess... I wonder when he'll clean that up.

I slowly turned my body to check if Louis was still asleep, and I wasn't surprised seeing he was, being a sleepyhead way more than I was, which was definitely unbelievable.

He was lowly breathing, his muscular chest gently moving up and down, and his mouth was half-closed, his eyelashes projecting tiny shadows onto his lower eyelids: I could have never got used to his beauty, not even in a million years.


Five months had passed from the day I took the decision of following him.

Five months from our flight there all the way back from Italy; realizing it was that much always shocked me, but I felt like I had been there with him my whole life, the two of us leaving in Louis' apartment in London's outskirts.

I didn't miss anything from my old life, really. Well, I sometimes had missed my best friend and parents but I was always able to talk to them and know how they were doing quite often, so it was less hard than I thought, because Louis could fill every inch of my soul just with his presence.

Despite all of his daily obligations, we were able to spend a good amount of time together, and right from the beginning I told him I wanted to go on tour with them: being allowed to attend their shows almost every night was one of the best things ever! Of course we both spent some time on our own – he liked being with his bandmates doing silly boy things and I needed to concentrate on studying when exams were getting closer – but I was never tired of being with him, which definitely showed me he wasn't one of the many.

I had been scared of so many things that were holding me back from jumping into the dark with Louis, but things were going like I had never ever hoped they would: not only we were still together after five months, even though it wasn't that easy with him being a superstar, and everything was perfect between us – our characters amazingly fitting each other like a glove –, but I had also managed to pass the three exams waiting for me in the last semester, flying back to Italy and hugging everybody again; Irene had come here with me the week before, when I had left for London again after accomplishing my things, and I couldn't be happier! Her being here with me and still together with Zayn: they were starting to plan Irene's move to London, so our lives were really changing and getting more amazing day by day.

Plus, the boys had found me something to do inside their press office, and I could be quite independent with the money I got from it: I helped people that had to deal with the Italian press, translating articles and interviews everytime they had too much work, and I couldn't have thought of a better job, being allowed to work from home and when I was around with the band.

The press and fans still believed I was just part of the staff, so Louis and I didn't have many troubles being together, and pretty much no one outside the band and closest people knew the truth.

I still couldn't believe this was real life, my life, and not just a fantasy, but Louis breathing and releasing body warmth next to me was enough to convince me I wasn't dreaming.


As I concentrated my thoughts and eyes on him again, he slowly moved his jaw, as if he was chewing something, and his breathing pace stopped. Then, his sleepy eyes were suddenly looking at me, and as he realised it he giggled lowly with his incredibly hot morning voice.

“Babe you seriously gotta stop this...” he mumbled, turning his body to face me.

“Stop what?”

“Stop waking up before me and stare at me. It's creepy” he joked.

“If I was planning to kill you, you'd be dead by now”

“Oh shut up...” he said in an annoyed tone and grabbed me with one arm, pulling me close to him and holding me tight. I cuddled up in his arms and rested my head against his neck, feeling so protected and happy like it always happened with him.

“What day is it today?” he asked, the vibrations produced in his chest reverberating against my body.

“Uhm... The 7th I guess.. Yeah, 7th February”

“Oh God, today we're having that shitty interview, with that blonde woman from.. I don't remember which magazine. I can't stand her, really...”

“It'll be fine, love. Just be your usual sassy self and you'll get through it...”

He nodded and caressed my head, then added:

“But someone's having their birthday in a week, so that's good”

I smiled and moved my head away to look him in the eyes, glad he remembered it: I would be turning 22 on the 14th, and I couldn't desire a better way to celebrate it than being in London, the town I loved most, and a better person to be with than Louis.

He leaned down to kiss me, his warm and soft face covering mine, and I let him take control of me as usual, no boundaries between us, our mouths and bodies knowing each other by heart at this point. As we stopped, I took some time to look at him before saying:

“Now it's you that should stop this...”

“What do you mean? Me being the best kisser you've ever met?”

I chuckled and replied:

“Well... You're not only the best kisser...” winking at him with a teasing voice, which he immediately understood.

“You want me to show you some of my skills?”

“I won't be sorry if you'll do”

He moved on top of me in the blink of an eye and kissed me again, my thirst of him growing faster than ever.

As I wrapped my legs around his waist, his strong body towering above me, I realised there was no other place for me in the whole world.

I belonged there, and I belonged to Louis.

He was my everything, and nothing was scaring me anymore: I could see a bright blue sky in our horizon together, no black clouds spoiling it.

Taking that one risk hadn't been that bad, afterall, right?


“I love you, Alice. I love you so much” he smiled his brightest smile.

“I love you too, Louis.. I really do” I replied, my heart skipping a beat everytime he told me that, then I added, trying to look serious “Now stop being smoochy and get down to it”

“You'll regret being so arrogant, you know that?” he gazed at me with a malicious look in his eyes before smiling again, amused by my attempts to annoy him.

I laughed and kissed him, before closing my eyes and letting our bodies and souls unite as one, heaven inside and all around me.








*         THE    END        *

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