I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


23. Chapter Twenty-two

The way wasn't too thick with trees, so luckily it was quite easy to walk across the grove to reach for the other side; I was peering into the distance wondering what I was about to see, but I nearly tripped over an exposed root and fall onto Louis, so I firmly locked my sight on my feet.

“Here we are...” Louis said, and from his tone I could tell he was smiling, so I raised my eyes and made the last steps to exit the thicket.

The spot Louis led me into was really beautiful, peaceful and silent, nobody being in there to spoil that perfect place.

“I've never seen this before... It's... Wow” I managed to say, quickly gazing at him, then going back to observe the view ahead of me.

We were standing on a relatively small open space covered with short grass – which already captured my attention because the rest of the valley was mostly pebbly – and just in front of us there was a stretch of still water with trees all around, almost creating a green wall that protected that calm place. My eyes were caught by the amazing colour of the water, being incredibly turquoise blue due to the sunlight hitting it on the entire surface. To complete the 'postcard-like' view, there was the rocky side of a hill falling sheer into the little lake, looking like a threatening cliff that dominated the spot.

“I was just wandering around when I found it... Pretty stunning, ha?” Louis lowly said, sounding happy to see that his discover was having the right effects on me.

“It looks like a painting... From Turner, maybe...” I replied, turning my eyes to him:

“Now I know something new about you, Louis”

“What do you mean?” he asked, wearing a bright smile, with crinkles appearing all around his eyes.

“I didn't think you were the type of guy that's able to appreciate these things...”

“Actually this is all an excuse to be alone with you” he stated “I couldn't care less about panoramas”, then smiled maliciously, making my heart skip a beat or two.

Normally I would have come up with a silly joke to hide my embarrassment and anguish, but this time I was a little intimidated by the whole situation, and especially by Louis looking at me like that again. I rapidly decided to stop overthinking and just let things happen.

“Of course I'm joking” he added “but... You know... Like this I can kill two birds with one stone”

“Killing birds? What...?” I asked, then realised he was talking about the well-known saying and nodded, feeling slightly stupid.

He giggled at my confusion and approached me; he lifted up his hands and ran them on my arms, reaching the upper border of my towel, still wrapped around my chest.

“Do you wanna have a bath with me?” he asked, starting to take it off.

“You've already decided for me, so... Ok” I smiled, letting Louis undress me and swallowing with difficulty when his eyes went down on my chest, then going on my body with embarrassing and lustful slowness, observing every detail as if he had to memorize them. I felt the strong need to touch him and kiss him hard but I stood still, feeling the blood pumping in my ears, my heart racing more and more.

He laid my towel on the ground and started into my eyes again, looking dangerously hot as hell.

“Let's go girl” he said, taking me by the hand and pulling me closer; our hips were touching and I started feeling like it was 45 degrees around us.

The cold water helped me to calm down, and we walked slowly into it, letting our bodies get used to it. I looked at Louis, at his profile and his arms, and my lower stomach sent me stabs of pain because I was really getting close to my limit, beyond which I couldn't stand being away from him anymore.

He suddenly left my hand and plunged into the water completely, and I just had the time to catch with my eye his muscular back disappearing beneath the surface.


After a while I heard some bubbles popping right in front of me, and I quickly placed my eyes on the spot, seeing the water tremble more and more, then Louis emerged.

It seemed like the advertisement for a fucking perfume: he had water covering him up to his navel, while his well-shaped chest had drops rolling down everywhere, making me want to wipe them away with my lips. He bent his arms to push his hair back with both hands, showing me the biceps that had haunted my dreams for so long!

That vision left me completely speechless, my jaw almost dropped open, and I knew I would have died if Louis had touched me.

He obviously knew what he was doing, and was well aware of my thoughts – as I said, my face was totally readable sometimes. I bet he did all that scene just to tease me and, well, he definitely succeeded in his purpose. He stared into my eyes and got closer and closer, causing me to unconsciously move back: I dreaded and craved his hands on me, and wanted to make that moment of longing last even more, forcing myself to fight the desire to run in his arms.

Louis smirked as he realised what I was doing and accelerated his walk, which wasn't that easy considering we were inside a river.

I stopped, preparing myself for what were probably going to be my last few breaths on this planet. I stared at him the whole time, and he kept walking towards me at a scaring speed, a determined look in his eyes. A predator attacking its harmless prey.

He finally reached me and grabbed my shoulders:

“You can't escape from me now...” he said in a low voice

“I don't want to escape from you. Do what you want of me, Louis” I replied, feeling my self-control fading away.

He violently pulled me close to him and we kissed, our lips being like they didn't meet in a long time. I wrapped my craving arms around his neck, pressing my body on his, feeling his hands on my back running up and down at the pace of our passionate and deep kiss. He placed his opened hands at the bottom of my spine pulling me up as he stopped the kiss and went down on my neck, making me lift my head up and grab him tighter, so that I didn't fall. He caressed my skin with his lips, going up to my mouth and then back down, and I longed to kiss him every single time I felt his lips move closer to mine.

I loved the way he turned me on so perfectly, kissing the right spot at the right time, causing me to want more and more from him. He slowly stroke up my spine and reached my bra, with his mouth unbearably close to my breasts now, and I wasn't even able to see what was going now anymore, being completely captured by the sensations he was making me feel; I opened my eyes only when I realised he was undoing my bra, and for a moment I thought I needed to stop him but.... It wasn't what I really wanted, just prudish thoughts of a reserved person, as I definitely was.


He went on knowing what to do, and gently took it off and stepped back to look at me with a satisfied expression on his face, swinging my bra on his finger:

“So.... I guess you want it back...” he asked with a naughty look in his eyes, and I had to try hard not to cover myself, knowing it was what he expected me to do.

“No, not at all, actually.” I replied, placing my hands on my hips in a challenging pose.

He raised his eyebrows and shamelessly looked at my breast, then said:

“Ok so... let's get rid of this and go back to work!” He threw my bra on the grass and grabbed me again, starting back from where he had interrupted himself.

He kissed me and pressed me against him, and I felt his warm body against my naked chest, one of the best feelings I had so far; he then stopped and looked at me, while his fingers were gently caressing my breasts, soon replaced by his mouth and tongue, and I tightened my grip on him letting out low moans and feeling the urge to kiss him stronger than ever. He increased his strength and cupped them both, massaging them firmly and gently sucking them every once in a while, causing me to shudder everytime I perceived his warm breath next to them.

It was getting way too far for standard relationships but I couldn't care less: my body was telling me it was right, so it definitely had to be. I never desired anyone that much, and Louis was impossible to resist for me.

He stopped what he was doing and went up to kiss me, this time with much more intensity than before, pulling me from my bum and pressing my waist on his, so I decided to jump onto him and wrap my legs around him, the whole thing being easier because of the water making me weight less. He smiled against my mouth and held me close kissing me, supporting me with his hands beneath my bottom, his erection pressed right between my legs, where it could only arouse me more.

“Let's get out of here” he suddenly whispered, carrying me out with him, still holding me up. I jumped down as soon as we were on the coast without letting him go, and he indicated me the towel behind me: I dragged him there and laid down, my body hurting from being away from him, and I waited for him to lay on top of me, but he stood there for a while and observed me.

“You okay?

“Yeah I was just... I love your curves. They're perfect to touch and squeeze”

“Stop being an idiot and come here...” I replied stretching my hand to him, and he finally laid on me, stroking my hips and then up to my hair, kissing me the softest he could.

I opened my legs and immediately went to take his swimming trunks off, pulling them down.

“You don't waste your time, ha?” Louis smiled, helping me to take them off.

“It's not very comfortable having them on the inside of my thighs, that's all...” I stuck my tongue out to him, and he immediately grabbed my head and deep kissed me, our bodies almost becoming one, intertwining and moving in the same way, together.

After a while I was completely naked too, and nothing could hold us back: I was so attracted to him and physically needed him more than the air I breathed, his touch all over my body was driving me crazy and his mouth filled me with pleasure every single time he placed it somewhere.

He was restless, asking me with his eyes to give him what he wanted, and of course I obeyed.

We took our time to explore each other's body like it was our first time ever: his skin was smooth and warm, and I ran my lips on it several times, inhaling his smell with my eyes closed.

The more we touched, the more I needed to feel him inside of me, and Louis finally satisfied me, going deep into me, moving at a regular pace and following my movements, pleasuring me like I didn't think anyone was able to. He went down to kiss me as the rhythm grew faster, and I held him closer, tightening my grip on his back as I perceived I was close to climax, being able to mumble just “Oh Louis” to his ear right before reaching it, suddenly feeling like a powerful explosion in my stomach, whose flames were pervading my whole body with happiness and satisfaction. I took a deep breath and fully sank into that universe of fulfillment, being thankful to that incredible boy right over me. He achieved it too a few seconds later, his eyes shut for a while, then he looked at me again with a peaceful smile on his beautiful face; he stopped and rested on me, both breathing heavily, clearly exhausted.

I put my arms around him and hugged him, kissing his head.

“Thanks....” he mumbled, making me smile.

“It went out pretty nice, don't you think?” I asked. I felt him giggle on me, then he turned his head to look at me:

“Pretty nice? That's all you have to say after I worked that hard?”

I laughed and kissed his cheek:

“I'm joking, you cranky boy... This was beyond words”

“That's definitely better” he nodded in satisfaction, and closed his eyes, adjusting his position on me, so that we both could have a little rest.

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