I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


28. Chapter Twenty-seven

My heart was beating crazily as we passed by the boys' hotel: there were about a hundred girls all packed in the small space in front of the entrance door, waiting for the boyband to arrive. I tried not to get anxious and quickly took the first road right in order to park my car behind the building, hoping we could be inside as soon as possible with no difficulty.

There was a tall bodyguard blocking the way to the back door, but luckily the boys should have warned him in advance because he checked our IDs and let us in.

“Alice I'm so nervous! I... I don't know why!”

“Me too...” I replied, my voice totally sounding like it. We kept being silent for a while, both looking down at our own feet inside the elevator, but I knew that we had the same question in mind, not being brave enough to let it out.

Suddenly, Irene sighed heavily before mumbling:

“Are we going to... say goodbye?”
I turned to look at her, feeling a strong sadness starting to rise inside of me, but firmly controlling my reaction, or else we would have both burst out crying right there, like two little girls. I hugged her instead, and we stayed like that for a couple of seconds, letting that question fall without an answer.




We were standing in the hallway that led to the boys' rooms, when we suddenly started to hear screams coming from the outside, getting louder and louder. They went on for what seemed to be ten minutes non-stop, and I imagined the other customers definitely enjoying that.

The shrieks decrease, and soon after we heard loud voices and laughters coming from downstairs, the sound propagating itself across the stairway.

We heard the elevator moving, and after a while its doors opened, with those five rays of sunshine stepping outside of it. They all had big smiles on, and seemed to be into some kind of intense conversation. My eyes looked for Louis but I was soon distracted by Liam and Niall yelling at us:

“Hey there!”, and Zayn smiled and added “Glad you were able to get here safely”

“We couldn't go back home without... saying goodbye to our fave lads in the world” Irene replied, trying to sound like she was fine with it.

“You sweet little cutieeees!” Harry intervened with a baby voice, and that charming smile of his.

“They told us we're leaving tomorrow morning for...” he went on, stopped and looked at Liam with a questioning frown.

“...We're leaving for Milan. Two dates there, one in Rome and... back to the UK” he completed the sentence, and looked at us with a little sad expression on his face, but he immediately went back smiling and asked:

“Why don't you join us in our after show party?”

“...A party? In here?”

“We call it that way but... basically it's just us eating, drinking and chilling all together, after every show...” Zayn explained, then approached his mouth to my friend's ear, whispering something that made her giggle. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, since I was the one who was in charge of driving.

“C'mon, we wanna listen to your impressions of the show...” Niall begged us, and of course it was impossible to resist those cute light blue eyes.

“Sure, we'll stay” I replied grinning, and I finally looked at Louis for the first time after the performance: he had a white t-shirt and sweater pants on, and he looked incredibly handsome with his hair down. I didn't even think for a second about what I was going to do, I just impulsively walked up to him ignoring everyone else – they were all heading to Liam's room – and held him tight while kissing him with all the love I was able to.

When I stepped back, Louis had a rather surprised expression on his face:

“What was that for?”

“Nothing in particular... You're just the most gorgeous human being that's even lived”

He giggled and replied:

“Stop flattering me, or my ego will explode”

“I don't care, I want to say it everytime I think about it” I smiled, and he took my hand as we followed the others inside the room.

We all sit down in a circle: well, except for Niall, who was already preparing himself a sandwich.

“Can I have one too, Nialler?” Liam asked, then added making puppy eyes “Pleeeease?”

“Me too pal, thanks...” Harry intervened as he opened a couple of beer bottles.

Niall looked at us with an annoyed expression:

“What about you? You wanna take advantage of me as well?”

We all laughed but Louis and Zayn vigorously nodded, thanking a not-really-enthusiatic Niall.


As the sandwiches were ready, they were all back to their places, with beers and soft drinks of all sort in the middle of our circle. I was starting to pour some coke inside my glass when Louis stopped me and whispered:

“You won't have to drive, so have a beer. You're sleeping with me, right?” he stared at me, his eyes definitely not admitting any kind of refusal. But I would have rather thrown myself off a bridge than refusing to sleep with Louis; I didn't say a word but I put down my glass and grabbed a beer, eloquently staring back at him. He nodded in agreement and we both went back to the conversation.

“Beside Zayn, who did you like the most tonight? Who sings the best?” Harry was asking Irene, and she immediately looked worried:

“Don't ask me that kind of stuff! You guys have such different voices, and it's beautiful to hear them all” she replied.

Harry didn't seem satisfied, and looked at me, waiting for my answer too:

“I'm not saying that any of you is better but... I really like your deep voice, Harry” I admitted, and he silently exulted like a little kid.

“You all have your characteristics, though, and that's what makes you so perfect together” I added.

“What about the show? Do you like the songlist?” Liam asked us both.

“I love it, really!” Irene replied “But... I'd like to hear you singing 'They don't know about us'! That song is unbelievable” she stated, looking specifically at Zayn, who explained why it was kinda hard to perform live.

“I'm happy with it, as long as you'll sing 'Over again'...” I simply replied.

“I like that song too” Liam agreed with me, and started to expose the way they should try to sing the chorus next time. Harry and Niall were really attentive, but I could tell Louis wasn't, since he quickly gave me a peck on the cheek and got up to find something else to eat.

When Liam finished his explanation, Niall suddenly got up as if he had something important to say, and we all stared at him; he pointed his finger at Louis, who froze himself with his mouth opened and a chip almost inside of it:

“You almost hit you bum hard tonight, am I right? Your precious and beloved bum!”

The guys all started to laugh, and we joined them as we remembered the jump contest they had during the show. Louis pretended not to care, but soon joined them:

“I'm so cool that I nearly fell but saved myself! Just like Zayn usually does”

“I'm just lucky, man” Zayn smiled “You guys should stop trying to bring me on the floor”

“Anyway... we're all forgetting the most important fact out of this story” Liam intervened.

“...That is?” Harry asked.

“I won the contest” he proudly stated. Louis and Niall immediately attacked him and they all wasted the following minutes discussing about who won, who cheated, whose bum weighed the heaviest and was therefore disadvantaged, and so on. Irene and I just enjoyed the scene, appreciating those five idiots even more now that we were about to say goodbye to them.

When the fight was over – Louis had shut Liam's mouth with a handful of chips – we spent the rest of the evening chatting like a group of old friends: we asked them about their future projects, possibly a new album and other stuff, and they listened to us telling for the thousandth time how we started loving them, which was something Irene and I always enjoyed recalling from time to time.

I decided that from that moment I would have beaten anyone who tried to tell me that One Direction members were spoiled little shits with bigger ego than penises: those guys were amazing, they still were so humble and friendly that I really felt them closer to me than a lot of so-called friends back where I lived and grew up. Plus, they had some sort of extremely positive influence on me and I loved life much more since I got to know them: not mentioning the fact Louis had absorbed all my loving energies, he was the one I compared every boy to – well, not really: it was pointless to do it, he was beyond perfection. They were the best, and I really hoped we could have been helpful and nice to them as well, in order to pay them back for everything: I simply wished they could think about us one day with a smile on their faces.

Liam, who was right next to me, seemed to notice the fact I was all concentrated on some thoughts of mine, and gently rubbed my arm; I smiled to assure him everything was fine and looked back at the group of people around me, almost laughing when I noticed Harry was sleeping all huddled up against an armchair. Liam saw it too, and noticed:

“Maybe it's time to go to bed guys... Harry's out already”

They all nodded, knowing they had another tough day of travel ahead of them, and Zayn went to gently wake Harry up, who grunted a bit but got up at the promise of a more comfortable bed to sleep in.

None of them seemed to be surprised by the fact Irene followed Zayn into his room after wishing a goodnight to everyone, and I did the same: I wasn't tired at all, the adrenaline from the thought of being alone with Louis again, after what had happened earlier that day, definitely kept me wide awake.

Louis closed the door behind me, and I could tell he already knew what to do.

“Alice... I know tomorrow isn't going to be a nice day, and I imagine we could talk about it but... We still have this night, ok?”

I nodded, focusing on his beautiful face and shuddering at the thought of him being mine in that moment.

“I couldn't have gone home tonight, and sleep on my own... At all.” I managed to mumble “I... I want to be with you” I said, my heart speeding up as always.

“I want it too. I want you” he replied, slowly guiding me by the hand and taking me to the bed.

“No sleeping like an old couple tonight?” I joked, but he shut my mouth with a kiss, before saying:

“I'm going to make love to you. How does that sound?” he smirked all confident and terribly hot.

“Interesting, I must say...” I whispered, and let him do whatever he wanted of me, again.

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