I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


22. Chapter Twenty-one

Louis stepped outside of the water and held my hand to help me walking out of it too, then he turned to face Liam and Harry, who were still there looking at us with malicious smiles on.

He stood there for a while, and the other two looked at each other with guilty but amused expressions on their faces. Louis suddenly pretended to hit Liam's and Harry's stomachs with a punch, then walked away like nothing happened, leaving them to chuckle lowly.

Niall was having a nap under the sun, still on the rubber boat, with sunglasses on and his mouth partially opened; Zayn was quietly laying on his towel, his muscular back facing the sun, and Irene was sitting right next to him running her fingers along his spine, looking like she was lovingly caressing a cat.

I wanted to talk to her so much! When she finally raised her eyes, I mimed with gestures the fact I wanted her to have a walk with me to talk, and she vigorously nodded in agreement, immediately reaching for Zayn's ear and whispering something to him.

Louis was sitting on his towel trying to dry himself, listening to the conversation going on between Liam and Harry abut what I thought to be a gaming strategy, and I quickly went to him to let him know my intentions, then I walked to my friend's side and we slowly headed for a calm and isolated place where we could finally share our secrets.






“Ok lady, it's time for me to know every single detail!” I stated with an excited tone, and Irene covered her mouth with both hands in an extreme outburst of joy and anxiety, before she started speaking:

“Alice, I... I've never experienced a thing like that before!” she paused, then tried to explain herself:

“He is... It's like he has different personalities. He has been the most awesome gentleman one could ever expect, like... He tried to make me feel good and confident the whole time, letting me decide when it was the right time to start, but then...”

“What??” I asked eagerly, seeing her shocked expression.

“When he understood I wanted it too, he was... unstoppable. Literally!” she widened her eyes to confirm her words.

“Wohooo that's why he's all sleepy now! You wearied him all night long! High five girl!” I almost screamed, and Irene hit my opened hand with hers, laughing out loud.

“Let's say we had very little sleep...”

“Wow Irene you lived the dream!”

“It was great, believe me. He started all sweet and slow, leaving me some time to fully realise what was going to happen, and then we went on kinda fast” she giggled, adding “I know that you can understand me! Zayn Malik did what very few guys did to me!”. I laughed and nodded.

“I was surprised to see that side of him. Well, of course I kinda imagined him to be like that but... Wow. He seems to be all quiet and pensive but he is amazingly rough and strong and...” she stopped biting her lower lip.

“Wanna have a cold bath to calm down?” I mocked her.

“I had to try hard to hold my moans the whole time!” she yelled.

“Ok ok enough details for today!” I chuckled saying “I'm so happy for you, you don't even know! I mean... It's Zayn!”

“I know I know, but I still don't believe it! I'm aware that he's leaving tonight but God... at least he did a very good use of my body!”

“Nobody could have said this but you! I love you Irene” I grinned patting her shoulder. She smiled back and said:

“I'm sorry I left you sleeping alone though”

“Actually I... I wasn't alone” I lowly said, already giggling at her forthcoming reaction: she opened her mouth wide, waiting for me to speak.

“Louis slept with me. We just slept” I assured her since she was already formulating questions with her eyes.

“He said he heard you and Zayn leaving and didn't want me to be alone...” I sweetly smiled when Louis' sleeping face appeared in my head, and my body immediately reacted to it accelerating my heartbeat.

“We fell asleep holding each other... It was... It was nice” I said.

“Wow so Louis actually sleeps? It's weird to think that there's a time when he's silent and calm, instead of always coming up with scenes and comments” she joked, and I agreed with her.

“Can you believe it, Irene? We used to come here every summer, and now we're here with One Direction! We're HERE with THEM!” We both shook our heads in disbelief.

“They're all amazing, Alice. I'd really want them to be our friends for real... Not only for today... Not mentioning Zayn doing stuff to me every. Single. Night!”

I burst out laughing and said “Yeah I'd love it too”, then suggested after a while:

“We should be back to them! I'm always afraid to leave them on their own 'cause I bet they like to come up with stupid and childish pranks!”

“You're right, let's go... I hope my towel is still at its place and not into the water...” she noticed.




Our words were totally confirmed the very moment we saw the boys in the distance.

Zayn was standing beside Liam, trying not to laugh too loud, while Harry and Louis were around Niall, doing something apparently hilarious.

As they saw us they both placed their index on their mouths, telling us to be quiet, and Louis invited us to go near him.

That little bastard had drawn what seemed to be a giant penis on Niall's chest and stomach using my sun cream, and he looked so proud of himself he made me want to slap his face.

Niall was still asleep, unaware of the stupid prank he just had been subjected to. I looked at the boys and couldn't help but to join their chuckles: it was stupid but funny at the same time.

“I hope he'll have his revenge on you at least” I whispered to Louis.

“Yes he always has it. We all prank each other constantly”

“But I'm sure you're particularly active, right?”

“Mh yeah... Maybe” he smiled.


After the water fight and everything, I felt like I needed to lay down for a while, and Harry immediately did the same: he was the one who needed most to sleep a bit, after the night out, along with Niall who already took care of it and was still motionless on the rubber boat.

Irene and Zayn sit down next to each other and I could hear them talking about their concert with Liam, going through the song list again and expressing their excitement for it. It was really nice and inspiring to see how much they all loved their job: I knew they could be bored by daily interviews sometimes, with people always asking the same questions over and over, but being in a band and get the chance to sing pretty much every day of their life was what they enjoyed most, and you could clearly tell it by the way they talked about it and behaved on stage. I couldn't wait to see them live! I already knew I would have cried a LOT during their show: their songs meant so much to me, and now everything was even harder because we should say goodbye to them right after the show.

I felt sadness growing inside of me at the thought of leaving those five incredibly amazing people, but when I pictured Louis' face in my head a tear rolled down and fell on the towel beneath me.

I suddenly opened my eyes and dried my cheek, looking around for Louis, but he wasn't there.

“Irene, where's Louis?” I mumbled, trying to control my voice: I needed to hold him so that I could relieve the pain I was feeling on my chest like a heavy weight, but he wasn't there.

“Uh ehm... he said he had to look for something, and walked that way” she replied, indicating me the direction.

“He probably just had to pee somewhere” Zayn observed, and I nodded knowing he was probably right.

“But he's gone for about a quarter of ah hour I think” Liam added “Maybe he got lost”

“Ok I'll go look for him then” I decided, desiring to see him as soon as possible. I was a drug addict having withdrawal symptoms, and Louis was my drug.

“See you later” I waved goodbye to them, wrapping myself in the towel and walking in the direction Irene showed me, mentally recalling the places I was about to pass by where Louis could now be. I guessed he probably found a place that was similar to the one we actually were in, and now was trying to remember where to go. I silently giggled and kept looking around.


I had just passed what seemed to be a thicket leading to another stretch of water on the right, when I suddenly heard a noise. I stopped and turned around, and Louis's messy hair came out from the bushes, followed by his hot tattooed body.

“Hi there Robin Hood, how's it going?” I asked sarcastically, and he raised his astonished eyes to me, not expecting me to be there.

“Hey babe! Wow didn't think you'd come to look for me” he smiled, then added “Actually, I was the one who wanted to come and pick you up. Wanna come with me? Gotta show you something” He finally asked.

We were pretty far from the others, completely on our own now, and he was inviting me inside a dark hidden place with trees all around. I thought this was definitely meaning something, but I was a little afraid to think of it.

I took a deep breath trying to relax, and shrugged my shoulders finally replying:

“Ok.... Go ahead and I'll follow you”

He put on a huge grin and entered the wood again.

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